U.S. Buyer Broker Compensation Litigation & Potential Impacts on Talent Mobility 

 29 February 2024 – 1:00 PM EDT (US)


In this corporate roundtable session, leaders from WERC’s new ad hoc group on the buyer broker compensation litigation will provide an overview of the issues surrounding the litigation, the current statuses of key cases, and the potential ramifications for the talent mobility industry. Corporate representatives from the ad hoc group will then lead a conversation exploring how mobility professionals are responding to this issue, what this litigation could mean for company relocation policies, and how in-house mobility professionals can leverage their supplier networks to help their organizations navigate the evolving landscape. 


If you need any additional information, please contact Deisy Garcia, Worldwide ERC® Corporate Mobility Liaison, (dgarcia@worldwideerc.org), or Schedule a meeting with me.

This session is eligible for continuing education credit for CRP and GMS certifications.