Americas Mobility Conference

Global Mobility Topics from the RMC Presidents' Perspective

If a moderator were a bartender and nine RMC presidents discussed relevant, meaningful and timely global mobility topics over a couple of drinks, what would you hear?  Sit in the local pub with RMC presidents as they discuss solutions, from their own perspectives, to the questions our industry is facing.  In small group discussions they will exchange thoughts and strategize solutions about questions facing our industry right now.  Hear differing perspectives, engaging stories and forward-looking trends emerge as these leaders share their thoughts on the industry they have chosen to lead and to serve.  With wit, insight, candor and vision, fellow industry professionals will learn answers to some of the industry’s biggest challenges, opportunities and pending developments.

Audience: All conference attendees

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Learning Objectives:

  • Highlight current and emerging industry trends
  • Identify new ideas for addressing current mobility challenges
  • Gain insight into the opportunities for change in our industry and how that change can occur



Rick Schwartz
Schwartz Consulting Group



Eve Seib, CRP, GMS
OneSource Relocation


Bill Mulholland, SCRP, GMS
American Relocation Connections LLC

Managing Director, North America

Jennifer Harvey, GMS
Crown World Mobility


Joseph Cardini, CRP
Bristol Global Mobility


Scott Carroll
Odyssey Relocation Management

President and CEO

Steven John, SCRP, SGMS-T
HomeServices Relocation, LLC


Steven Wester, CRP, SGMS-T
Global Mobility Solutions


Robert Portale, SCRP, SGMS-T
RELO Direct®, Inc.

President and COO

Kathryn Cassidy
Altair Global Mobility
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