Americas Mobility Conference

Creating 20/20 Vision: Overcoming Common Mistakes & Errors in Data Analysis

In the Digital Age, data is no longer scarce – it’s overpowering. The key is to sort through the overwhelming amount of data available and correctly interpret its implications. But to sort through all this information, you need good statistical data analysis tools. With all the hype over “big data,” a lot of fancy tools, techniques, and outputs are available to organizations. However, there are a handful of basic data analysis tools that many organizations aren’t using…to their detriment. This session will provide attendees with basic tools for identifying common issues in data analysis, how to avoid common mistakes and how to match data metrics to business objectives. 


Senior Mobility Advisor

Brenda Darrow-Fuhs, CRP, GMS


Vice President, Business Development

Dan Carraher, CRP, GMS-T
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