Americas Mobility Conference

What You Thought You Knew About HHGs

Moving household goods is one of the most complex pieces of the entire relocation process — from in-home surveys and pricing to the rules surrounding who can move household goods where. We’ll answer some of the most basic (but often misunderstood) questions about the process — such as the difference between moving household goods INTERstate versus INTRAstate, and how Full Replacement Valuation works (it’s not insurance). Presenters will break down a basic household goods estimate so attendees can walk away with a more comprehensive understanding of their transferee’s move and feel more comfortable that they understand what’s being charged (and what’s not).


Executive Vice President

A.J. Schneider
Wheaton World Wide Moving | Bekins Van Lines | Clark & Reid

President & CEO

Scott Michael
American Moving and Storage Association


Jim Myers
Summit Moving and Storage Company

Executive Vice President, Customer Engagement

Wes Struebing
Freeman A-1 North American
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