Americas Mobility Conference

Where the Money Goes

Human Resource professionals generally agree on the value of assisting with employee relocation costs. But with the average cost to relocate a U.S. domestic current homeowning-employee often exceeding $100k, more and more organizations are reducing the level of assistance provided. In many cases, this is because HR professionals have not been able to justify the investment to corporate management. Before building a case for the return on mobility investment, it is important to understand all the various expense components and where that money goes. This session will help attendees understand where the relocation dollars go (who gets what and why). 


Senior Mobility Advisor

Brenda Darrow-Fuhs, CRP, GMS

Vice President, Client Development

Amanda Rakofsky, CRP, GMS
NEI Global Relocation

Managing Partner AND PRESIDENT

Ann Moore
ATB Furnished Housing

Vice President, Global Business Development

Cathy Whitener, CRP, SGMS-T
Hildrup Companies
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