Global Workforce Symposium

Retaining Your Global Talent

With the high costs of transferring employees on assignment and keen market competition, retaining your global talent is a critical challenge in today's business place. However, companies continue to be challenged in the area of career management and post-repatriation planning. And despite the importance placed on international assignments, recent survey data indicates that taking an assignment won't necessarily lead to a better job afterwards. In our session today, we'll explore this topic as three HR leaders share the strategies and programs they are using to meet the challenge of retaining expatriate talent during after an assignment.


Vice President, Asia Pacific

Fred Schlomann
Vice President, Asia Pacific

Director, Human Resources

Christine Mawal
Dulwich College Management International

HR Regional Mobility Manager, Asia Pacific

Susanna Tang
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Senior HR Manager, APO

Ming Celine Xiao
Lear Corporation
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