Global Workforce Symposium

Global Challenges in the Moving Industry from Three Perspectives: The Mover, The Corporate, The RMC

Discover the latest challenges and trends in the moving industry as seen by the mover, the corporate, and the relocation company. What is each entity’s biggest challenge – from a day-to-day management perspective, as well as an overall policy perspective? Find out why the corporate implements a certain policy provision. Is it cost? Need? Trend? The implications to the mover, the RMC, the corporate, and most importantly, the employee when a shipping company files for bankruptcy protection. Understanding the ramifications of a port strike or transit congestion and your employee’s goods. What are the effects to the supply chain, as well as the employee when cost is a sole reason for a policy provision, contract term, or denial of an employee request? What countries are the most challenging to ship goods in and out of, and why? Hear from these industry insiders the external factors what will impact the household goods shipping industry in the next five years.

Intended Audience: Corporate Mobility and HR practitioners and mobility service providers
Track: Practical


VP, Global Business Development

Bridget Ritchie, CRP, GMS
Arpin Group, Inc.


Vice President, Global Strategy

Jim Esposito
Arpin Group, Inc.

Vice President, Global Transportation Solutions

Kyriako Bouris
Weichert Workforce Mobility

Vendor Lead - Western Hemisphere, International Mobility

Bill Robinson
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