Global Workforce Symposium

Ignite Mobility Innovations

Ignite the future of mobility!  You will see industry leaders showcasing new and innovative solutions for the mobility industry.  Each presenter has 5 minutes to present 20 slides that automatically progress every 15 seconds.  It's a rapid fire event that is sure to be entertaining and informative.  Get ready to think differently, have fun and challenge the status quo. 

Audience: This session will be of tremendous value to all mobility professionals
Level: Intermediate 

Ignite Topics:

  • How Single Point of Coordination Challenges are Being Solved Through Social Technology
  • International Move Pricing is Broken for Movers, RMC's and Corporate Clients. How Can Technology Solve It?
  • Best Practices to Connect Talent Management with Workforce Planning
  • How Collecting Data and Using Predictive Analytics is Simplifying Business Traveler Compliance and Risk Management
  • Small Mobility Programs and DSPs Need Love Too! A New Mobility Management Solution for the Underserved
  • Using Lean and Agile Project Management Methodologies to Improve Your Company
  • Challenges with Capped Moves and How Technology can Alleviate the Pain and Speed Up the Process for Your Transferees
  • Where's the Hidden Relocation Costs? How to Find and Eliminate Hidden Costs in Your Workforce Mobility Program
  • There are Lots of Challenges Procuring Temp Housing. Here is How Technology Can Solve It


Director, Global Business Development

Ron Labin, CRP, SGMS-T
Plus Relocation

CEO and Chief Customer Officer

Ben Heller

Senior Manager

Kushan Shah


Anupam Singhal
Monaeo, Inc.


Sébastien Deschamps

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

John Fischer
Dwellworks, LLC

Founder and CEO

Alex Alpert
Crater Group

SVP Consulting and Advisory Services

Ellie Sullivan, SCRP, SGMS-T
Weichert Workforce Mobility


Darin Karp
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