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Global Workforce Symposium

Updating Your Mobility Program: Creating Buy-In and Budgets from Business Cases

While apps on our smartphones are updated almost daily, the review cycles of Mobility Programs lie between 3-10 years. Mobility transformations can be likened to new smartphones or new operating systems, happening every 2-3 years on average. But internal and external developments are forcing faster change and agility is what is needed to respond to these changing demands. This means, that besides having Mobility transformations more frequently than in the past, one needs to look for incremental improvements on a constant basis, just like how frequently our apps are updated.

This session looks at how to develop business cases for change that can be applied for both large scale Mobility transformations as well as for incremental changes. What’s in it for you? Inspiration and practical ideas for addressing updates to you Mobility Program.


Mobility Thought Leader

Chris Debner
Strategic Global Mobility Advisory
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