Tokyo Summit 2019

Closing Session: Going Global; The Road Ahead

Japan today is arguably better placed to expand its role on the global stage than at any time in its postwar history. At the recent G20 Summit held in June in Osaka, it attracted unprecedented attention and gave Japan the opportunity to exert leadership and influence the world.

In coming weeks and months, Japan will be hosting several large-scale international sports events, including the Rugby World Cup 2019 in October 2019 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.  All these offer opportunities for Japan to showcase itself as a world leader, ignite its potential economic power and to help drive growth to its economy.

In this session, we have a dialogue conducted by a leader from the mobility industry with a corporate leader who is managing an international operation, recognizes the potential of going global, lead the transformation, examine what Japan is doing with its global moment and will share his perspectives on how they confront uncertainty in their business strategies.



Mr. Steve Burson
Relo Network Asia

Director, Global Business Development

Mr. Yasuji Shimizu
Relo Group, Inc.
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