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Agile has been the buzzword of the last decade.  Initially the concept was related to delivering software products and services, but now we have found ways to apply Agile principles to all aspects of business.

Join us for this webinar where we will cover the roots of Agile, how Agile has benefited software teams, and how those same principles will benefit you as an HR Professional or Service Provider.  We will focus on 3 main Agile principles during this session:

  1. Creating a customer focused value stream within your company
  2. Delivering value to your customer in prioritized increments, allowing them to provide feedback along the way
  3. Optimizing your processes to reduce waste and decrease delivery time to your customers

We will review several case studies, and conclude with a peak inside of Worldwide ERC, and how we are using Agile methods for our own work and projects.

Also note, we will be delivering an in-person Agile workshop at the America’s Mobility Conference in May.  After the webinar you will be able to make requests for the Agile topics you would like us to cover in Atlanta.

CE Credit (fees may apply):  CRP GMS
Focus:  Global U.S. Domestic

The Speakers

Agile Trainer/Coach

Greg Smith

GS Solutions Group