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COVID-19 Town Hall: Relocation Immigration

The travel restrictions put into place by governments around the world that are necessary to contain the spread of the coronavirus has led to an unprecedented global reduction in the relocation of transferees. Join Jurga McCluskey, Deloitte UK, and Azmina Aboobaker, Facebook, and Chair and Vice Chair of the Worldwide ERC® Immigration Forum as they provide their insight on immigration policies during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

The webinar will focus on:

  • Global immigration policies and travel restrictions currently in place during the pandemic
  • What to expect with relocation immigration with the eventual easing of travel restrictions and opening of borders to foreign nationals
  • The potential lasting impact of the coronavirus on global immigration

CE Credit (fees may apply):  CRP GMS
Focus:  Global

The Speakers

US Immigration Manager

Azmina Aboobaker


Partner, Head of Immigration

Jurga McCluskey

Deloitte UK

Government Affairs Advisor

Tristan North

Worldwide ERC®