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Maximizing Mobility Partnerships - Focus on Experience

Today’s mobility programs are focused on maximizing both the customer (stakeholder) and employee relocation experience through tailored relocation processes, policies and support components. SIRVA’s webinar will focus on enhancing the end-to-end mobility experience, from candidate selection to repatriation / permanent integration to the host location, by leveraging the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure of internal and external mobility partners.

Webinar participants will hear information and insights on:

  • How to define “relocation” – when does it start / end?
  • Understanding holistic relocation needs, above and beyond the support provided by policy
  • Leveraging the internal and external vendor network – subject matter expertise and knowledge / educational resources

Webinar participants will gain insights and suggestions to address the challenge of managing mobility programs using a structured flexibility approach.

CE Credit (fees may apply):  CRP GMS
Focus:  Global

The Speakers

Director, Global Advisory Services

Kathy Burrows


VP, Global Advisory Services

Taryn Kramer