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Relocating Families with Children with Special Needs: an IEP for Global Mobility

Sponsor(s):  TRC Global Mobility

This interactive webinar will explain some of the potential hurdles of global relocation for families with special needs children. Countries and their education systems approach learning issues very differently, and cultural differences influence the available support. We will discuss the limitations of many international schools in supporting certain students, and the research that parents and employers should do before an assignment is offered or accepted. We will also explore the profit motive of some schools that claim extensive support systems that may or may not be in place.  This webinar will provide some “tools for the toolbox” for planning assignments for special needs children. It will help to ensure the children are supported adequately and avert surprises about a child’s learning profile that could torpedo an assignment.

CE Credit (fees may apply):  CRP-INTL GMS
Focus:  Global

The Speakers


Elizabeth Sawyer

Bennett Schoolplacement Worldwide, Inc.