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APAC Virtual Summit

31 March 2020



When we can’t meet in person, we go digital.

The health risks posed by the coronavirus outbreak have prompted us to postpone our March in-person APAC Summits in Singapore and Shanghai. But that doesn’t mean we have to postpone connecting with and learning from one another. 

Join us for a complimentary digital event: On 31 March 2020, tune in for a Virtual Mobility Summit from 09:00 – 12:00 SGT. 

We’ll present two, 60-minute educational sessions on mobility’s role in business transformation and strategy. Experienced global talent mobility professionals who are well-versed in the unique needs, challenges and opportunities of operating from an APAC HQ and throughout the region will lead the way. We’ll explore risk preparation and some of the ways that talent mobility can be intricately and strategically involved in navigating global geopolitical responses. We’ll open the session for you to pose your own questions to our panelists, allowing all participants to sign off with new knowledge, connections and solid take-aways for your own programs and teams.

The last hour will be dedicated to a policy benchmarking exchange, designed for Corporate HR mobility practitioners. A separate registration and dial-in is required for that session, but this is also a complimentary opportunity for you to connect with one another, share experiences and receive answers to your specific questions and concerns.

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While we navigate unprecedented global uncertainties, changes and transformational opportunities, there is no better time to stay connected to and learning from your industry peers. Join us on 31 March for the APAC Virtual Summit!

We will continue to monitor the situation in China and provide updates on the 2020 Shanghai Summit as soon as they are available.


Educational Sessions



Corporate Networking & Practice Sharing




09:00 – 09:50 SGT

Educational Seminar Session

Framing the latest COVID-19 information

Dr. Low Kiang Wei and Aditya Luthra of International SOS will present information to keep you informed on the coronavirus and its impact on business travel and global mobility in two key areas—

  •  The medical perspective on the current situation, including:
    • Framing the most current facts around what we know about the status of the virus, and global health organizations’/government guidance and recommendations, including any travel/quarantine and airline policy updates
    • Identifying the areas of highest risk
    • Providing practical information about the best steps to take – from what informational sources to use/trust, to what protective equipment or other precautions are most effective
  • The general current travel/security picture, including the steps companies should be taking now as well as being prepared for possible future events of a similar nature.


10:00 – 10:50 SGT

Educational Seminar Session

Workplace issues around COVID-19 outbreak

Ms. Keryn Mendes, GMS-T, Global HR Mobility Specialist, Enterprise Services with CSIRO, and Mr. Hausen Zhang, Director of Benefits and Global Talent Mobility with Lenovo will share some of the key workforce issues that employers must consider in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, including:

  • Duty of Care – and the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • Forming a crisis team or an infectious disease outbreak response team, and the integration of stakeholder  departments (security, mobility, HR, corporate travel, corporate communications, benefits, etc.)
  • Preparing a crisis or extraction plan
  • Responding to employee concerns about business travel
  • Responding to employee concerns about interacting with the public or other co-workers
  • Decisions around dispatching employees to meetings or events with large groups of people
  • Differing travel restrictions or permissions for healthy employees versus immuno-compromised or older employees
  • Requiring employees to stay away from the workplace – exploring telecommuting policies and challenges, including performance management
  • Maintaining confidentiality of employee health issues
  • Qualifications for disability payments if the virus is contracted at work
  • Workplace premises liability
11:00 – 12:00 SGT

Corporate Benchmarking– Registration Now Closed

This session is limited to Corporate HR registrants. Separate registration and call-in required.

The Speakers

Keryn Mendes GMS-T
Global HR Mobility Specialist, Enterprise Services

Keryn Mendes GMS-T


Keryn Mendes, GMS-T, is the Global Mobility Specialist for Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Melbourne). Keryn is in the workforce mobility group for CSIRO, Australia's national science research agency currently conducting key studies into the rapid global response to the novel coronavirus outbreak

Hausen Zhang
Director of Benefits and Global Talent Mobility

Hausen Zhang


Hausen Zhang is the Director of Employee Wellness and Benefits for Lenovo (Beijing) and is a member of the Lenovo Epidemic Prevention and Protection Committee.

Aditya Luthra

Aditya Luthra

International SOS

Aditya is currently based in Singapore, where he leads client engagements around Asia and Australasia, developing bespoke solutions and managing organizations’ travel risk mitigation strategies, policies and procedures.

Prior to his current role, Aditya was the Regional Security Information Manager, where he served as head of the security intelligence team in Asia Pacific responsible for planning and intelligence delivery. He was also responsible for building and managing strategic partnerships with government entities and local information providers.

Before moving to Singapore, Aditya was based in the International SOS office in New Delhi for three years as a security risk analyst and has overseen development of actionable intelligence to incident management teams and clients on the ground during multiple global crises and emergencies.

Dr. Low Kiang Wei

Dr. Low Kiang Wei

International SOS

Dr. Low Kiang Wei is the Medical Director at International SOS, a leading medical and travel security assistance company helping to keep major corporations, governments and schools safe.

He has more than a decade of clinical experience and has spent the last five years guiding medical risk mitigation for International SOS members.

Dr. Low is a physician with post-graduate training in Internal Medicine. He received his M.B.B.S from National University of Singapore and earned his Master’s degree in Internal Medicine from both the National University of Singapore and the Royal College of Physicians (UK).