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This year’s Symposium featured actionable, timely and compelling sessions that added to the expertise and professionalism of those in attendance. 

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General Session: Fine-tuning the Future Workforce
Moderator: Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T, President & CEO, Worldwide ERC 
Panelists: David Windley, CEO, IQTalent Partners / Horst Gallo, Global HR Leader, IBM Corporation / Patrick Sullivan, Global Staffing Leader, Technology Google
Business disruption is driving more agile work. Digital transformations and automation are redefining products and services, operations and internal capabilities. Work and employment expectations are undergoing radical change. Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T, talked with HR wizards and savvy business leaders to bring out all the questions – and many of the answers and solutions – for future workplace issues like blended workforce models, mobile talent dynamics, and leveraging our experience, roles and skills for a new worker landscape!

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Closing General Session – Professor Josep Valor, PhD, of the IESE Business School

Josep Valor-Sabatier is a professor of information systems and information technology and holder of the Indra Chair of Digital Strategy at IESE Business School (New York City, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, São Paulo).  He received his Ph.D. in Operations Research from MIT and his Sc.D. in Medical Engineering from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Josep Valor teaches extensively at the senior executive level on Management Information Systems, Media Management, Management of Technology, and Strategy.

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House Hunters International
Moderator: Kate Reisinger, CRP Executive VP Member Services, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World
Speakers: Dima Lorenz, Vice President, China, Dwellworks, LLC, Tad Zurlinden, CEO, EuRa

Searching the internet and hiring a real estate agent works well in the U.S. but finding & buying a property around the globe is more complex.  Gain insights to navigating the path to home ownership abroad.

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Corporate Conscience: Improving Your Community and Creating Savings
Moderator: Tanya Mariottini, Director, Talent Mobility – Americas /  APLA / Brand / Corporate Functions, NIKE, Inc.
Speakers: Julie Coleman, Regional Contracts Manager HR Services – Americas, Shell Oil Company and Bryan Oler, CRP, Executive Vice President, United Van Lines

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a company’s commitment to behave ethically and protect the environment, thereby improving the quality of life for employees and the communities where they live and work. In this session corporate industry experts will share opportunities to embed sustainability into your Mobility and HR programs. Implementing CSR in your programs reinforces your company’s values to employees. It also creates a positive environment within your Mobility function, across HR and on a personal level. And in many cases, it results in cost savings.

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Corporate Benchmarking Revealed!
Moderator: James Carroll, SCRP, SGMS-T, Senior Manager, Global Mobility, WestRock Company
Panelists: Michael Martell, GMS-T, Sr. Employment Specialist, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists / Dawn Mugavero, Senior Manager, Talent Mobility, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. / Chaitali Shah, Immigration Manager, Marriott International, Inc. / Becky Woods
Director, Global Mobility, Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Do you wonder what problems/issues Corporate HR professionals share with each other? Do you want to know how you can service them better? This session answered these questions! You’ll hear direct from Corporate HR professionals on issues they discussed, trends happening across the world, and solutions your clients would like to see. 

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Workshop: Designing an “Everyone In” Program: Exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Mobility Policy
Moderator: Laura Levenson, Director, Consulting Services, Weichert Workforce Mobility
Panelists: Vlad Dziak, Global Mobility Supervsor – HR Delivery, Liberty Mutual / Susan Kubiesa, SCRP, SGMS, Senior Vice President, Global Mobility, Northern Trust / Mercedes D’Angelo, Director, Global Business Solutions, Cultural Awareness International - SME

As today’s workforce becomes increasingly diverse, the unique needs of employees going on long term, expatriate assignments have changed significantly. Yet many companies continue to use policies designed to support “traditional nuclear families” on “traditional assignments”. Only the very best-in-class employers are leading the way in both identifying the changing needs of mobile employees and addressing these needs within their mobility policies. In this session, three global mobility leaders will share how they led the charge to break down barriers within their mobility program, using innovative diversity and inclusion solutions. Through interactive exercises including live polling and case studies, we’ll explore creative best practice options for building an inclusive mobility environment, while enhancing the assignment experience for all assignees and their accompanying families.

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 Worldwide ERC® Tax and Legal Update
Moderator: Hank Roth, Associate Counsel and Compliance Officer, Dwellworks LLC
Speakers: Tristan North, Government Relations Advisor, Worldwide ERC® and Pete Scott, Tax Counsel, Worldwide ERC®

Attendees learned about current mobility tax and legal issues from Worldwide ERC®’s Tax Counsel and Government Affairs Advisor, including an update on what’s happening in Washington that may affect you or your business. Improve your understanding of the issues Worldwide ERC®’s Government Affairs Forums are focusing on. 

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Next Practices in Supplier Collaboration
Moderator: Brian Keating, CRP, GMS-T, Director, Global Account Management, Dwellworks, LLC
Speakers: Amy Parrent, GMS-T, Head of Global Mobility, Vanguard / Dwayne Waldrop, SCRP, SGMS-T, Vice President, Global Supplier-Partner Management, Bristol Global Mobility / Sandra Plunkett, Director, Supply Chain, NuCompass Mobility Services, Inc.

There is no industry that relies on the supply chain quite like global mobility.  And only by building great partnerships with our suppliers can we deliver the best possible experiences for our mobile employees. In this session, we heard from mobility leaders who shared how they innovatively collaborated with their suppliers to solve challenges, improve performance, and create great customer experiences. 

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Can You Depart Smart? 
Speaker: Sheryl Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Depart Smart Inc.

Most people don’t know how because travel and tourism consumer safety are poor. Learning travel safety skills, tools, and emergency safety plans will transform you, and your clients, into Travel HEROES who can identify and avoid risks, get appropriate help, and return safely.  This presentation touched on Duty of Care and Duty to Inform and will leave you with the tools you will need to insure safety for all. 

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Immigration in the Trump Era
Speakers: Jerry Erickson, President & CEO, Erickson Immigration Group and Mercedes Sperling, GMS, Global Benefits & Mobility Manager, Slack

This session provided an update on the Trump Administration’s impact on immigration and mobility in the U.S.  Immigration experts will lead a discussion regarding recent policies as well as how change is enacted through adjudication, enforcement, audit, and investigations rather than lawmaking.  Industry leaders provided observations regarding how the current immigration climate impacts decisions regarding their workforce as well as suggestions for mitigation techniques. 

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Workshop: Performance Appraisal of Expatriates: Dos, Don'ts, and Why You Must!
Presenter: Professor Arup Varma, PhD, Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University Chicago.

In this interactive session, Dr. Varma will detail why it is important to design and conduct performance appraisals for expatriates, emphasizing both system and process. Drawing upon his research, he will discuss the key issues involved in designing and conducting expatriate appraisals and share tips for successful implementation. Participants will learn how to design training programs for both expatriate rates and their raters, with special emphasis on (i) frame-of-reference training and (ii) system factors.

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RDC Real Estate Update
Moderator: Patricia Ann Pollard CRP, GMS, Director, Relocation and Business Development, United Real Estate
Panelists: Annie Hamilton CRP, GMS, Vice President, Relocation Services, CENTURY 21 Scheetz, Advantage, and Western / Kathy Connelly, SCRP, GMS, Senior Vice President Corporate Services, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties / Ginny Taylor CRP, SGMS, Vice President Relocation Services, Coldwell Banker Apex / Chuck Garrett, CRP, Vice President, Business Development, Elite Pacific Properties  

This presentation gave an overview of how the national real estate market is performing and emerging trends over the past 12 months. Presentations included information on several major markets across the country by current RDC Board Members and Past Presidents highlighting the averages for homes sale and rental prices, and incorporated a feel for the local market overall health.

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All Eyes on Brexit: Is the Divorce Final?
Speaker: Sophy King, Senior VP, Global Immigration, Newland Chase

In this update session, we will look at possible outcomes for EU and British nationals as the deadline for Brexit is 31 October 2019. Several outcomes are possible and include: ratification of a withdrawal agreement; no deal Brexit; request for extension of the withdrawal deadline; unilateral revocation of Article 50. The session will emphasize what the ongoing reciprocal expectations are for the U.K. and the European Union at this moment in time based upon any of the above outcomes.

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A Unique Approach to Mobility
Speaker: Erin Gough, Reward Manager, Mobility and Compensation Operations, Reckitt Benckiser

As an HR mobility specialist, how do you transition expatriates from the ‘Rolls Royce’ of international transfer packages to bare-bones local transfer arrangements? The most expensive traditional offerings are gone; No tax equalization. No housing support. No ongoing allowances. How do you successfully implement this change to an existing mobile talent, and encourage employees to accept new transfers for their career growth ?. This colorful session will take you through their journey, closely tying talent and mobility programs together while successfully attracting and retaining internationally mobile people.

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It Takes a Village! Leveraging Your Network to Manage Crisis & Develop Your Career
Moderator: Christopher K. Ward, CRP, GMS, Relationship Manager, AIRINC
Speakers: Susan Benevides, SCRP, GMS, CEO, Plus Relocation Services, LLC and Edward Hannibal, GMS, Tax Principal, Deloitte

Does “NETworking” sound more like, “NOT-working” to you?! Networking is more than just adding connections on LinkedIn or collecting business cards – your industry relationships are key to your success as a mobility professional. Worldwide ERC®’s YP40 group conducted an interactive talk with top industry leaders who discussed how they’ve built and leveraged their industry connections not only to solve client issues but advance their mobility careers.

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Canada Is Not the 51st State
Speaker: Jack Kim, Senior Manager, Fragomen Worldwide

Canada and the U.S. are similar in many ways, but do we know the important ways in which they differ? Employers need to consider numerous factors when sending employees to Canada, particularly for those traveling from the U.S. for business and assignments. In this panel, industry experts will highlight the Canadian policies that impact travelers and mobility professionals and the ways in which employers can set up their travelers for success in this country.  

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Cultural Training for Global Mobility Professionals
Moderator: Susan McCune, CRP, GMS, Director, Global Account Management
Speakers: John Merriweather, CEO & President, GO Destination Services and Dan Adams, Global Mobility Manager, Esri

In mobility, working with multiple cultures is a key part of the job but how intentional are we as mobility professionals about increasing our own cultural competence? It’s not just a matter of do’s and don’ts or how to talk with people from certain countries but how can we look at our own behavior and the way we work with others. In this career development session, attendees learned about culture, cultural competence, and cultural humility and participate in small group discussions around these topics.  

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Workshop: Overhaul Your Brainstorming with Design Thinking
Facilitator: Chris Roberts, Director, Innovation, Aires

In this working session, we will learn and practice a few design thinking methods that can help you rethink your approach to solving common mobility challenges. These methods focus a team around a set of problems, enabling them to generate a variety of solutions, then rally around the best ideas with which to move forward, all in under 60minutes. Not only will you walk away with new ideas, but you'll also learn how to be more creative, efficient, and inclusive when solving problems.

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The Agile Workforce – Curating and Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce
Speakers: Ellyn Karetnick, Vice President, Global Head of Talent Development and Mobility, BGRS and Stacy Garn, CRP, Global Mobility Manager, T. Rowe Price

Worldwide talent shortages have opened up more opportunities for a diverse workforce.  Companies have had to become creative to bridge the talent gap. Traditional jobs may no longer be adequate. 

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Does Your Mobility Program Swipe Right or Left? – Balancing Human Interaction with Technology
Moderator: Olivier Jourdan, GMS-T, Director, Sales and Marketing, Santa Fe Relocation
Speakers: Sheryll Young, GMS-T, Global Mobility Lead, Shopify / Shelley Giles, SCRP, GMS-T, Director, Employee Relocation, Tenet Healthcare Corporation / Kathryn Rudey, Global Mobility Manager, TIBCO Software Inc

Technology has changed the way people interact and has become the way companies “revolutionize” or become “leading edge.” While technology is very important and is making us better – it doesn’t reduce the importance of human interaction. In this session mobility experts will share how their organizations balance technology and human interaction to ensure they deliver an enhanced employee experience.

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Achieving Business Growth – Enhancing Your Mindset to Optimize Results
Facilitators: Susan Ginsberg, Founder, SRG Mobility Consulting and Becky Woods, Senior Director, Global Mobility, ADP

This session introduced tools and methodologies to identify opportunities and craft strategies to help drive business growth in the future. Practitioners interested in re-vitalizing their operations or being a catalyst for change will learn how to recognize mega trends that impact business, enhance inquiry skills, and understand a new paradigm for global value chain success.

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Ignite Mobility Innovations
Moderator: Ben Heller, CEO and Chief Customer Officer, PricePoint
Presenters: Gary Conerly, CRP, GMS, HomeServices Relocation, LLC / Jon Harman, GMS, CORT / Dave Marron, NuCompass Mobility Services, Inc. / John McGowan, CRP, LCM Relo Solutions / Kelly Rabbitts, CRP, Global Mobility Solutions / Elizabeth Sawyer, Bennett Schoolplacement Worldwide / Meredith Kennedy, CRP, GMS-T, Dwellworks, LLC / Anand Diraviyam, CRP, Aires / Ben Cross, SCRP, University Moving and Storage

Ignite the future of mobility.  You will see 8 presentations that are 5 minutes long.  Each presenter showcases 20 slides that automatically progress every 15 seconds per slide.   It’s fun, exciting and a great way to learn about every silo in Mobility.  Get ready to think different, have fun and challenge the status quo.

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 Peering Into the Crystal Ball: Immigration Trends and Implications
Speaker: Scott Leeb, Head of Knowledge, Fragomen

The immigration landscape is dynamic. Events of 2019 have had a profound impact on political, social, and economic agendas across the globe. At this Conference, Fragomen will be releasing new research findings which will seek to make sense of immigration-related events from the past year and put it in perspective. This session will discuss key trends observed, but also provide insights on practical actions that HR and mobility managers can take to address some of the uncertainty we are seeing in the immigrations space. Please join us for this lively roundtable as we circle the globe to discuss topical issues that impact how we do our business. 

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What Is the True Value of a FAIM Certification?
Presenter: Jesse van Sas, General Manager, The FIDI Global Alliance

The FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover) certification program has been widely recognized as the supreme seal of quality in the international moving industry. This program requires that international movers have a periodic independent audit of not only their inter-continental moving activities, but also their compliance with Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Anti-Trust, data protection etc. But what is the true value of FAIM certification? This is not just a “tic-of-the-box” audit, based on self-declaration, but a 3rd party audit, on-site and on-line, and continues throughout the year. 

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EU Posted Worker Regulations
Speaker: Jonathan Nagel, Sr. Immigration Associate, Attorney at Law, Berry Appleman & Leiden, LLP

Learn the ins and outs of the EU Posted Worker Regulations, what is changing and what should corporate mobility professionals be doing to understand and address this.

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Innovation Lab Presentation: Do I Want to Simplify My “Expatriate Management”?
Presenter: Vincent Hennequin, International Sales and Marketing Manager, ITX

Can I seriously ease my “Expatriate Management”, have control of my costs and still be compliant? Isn’t it the time to build my own “Best in Class” center of Expertise? And why not leaving my Expatriate Management to Expert Hands in order to keep a direct control of my International Workforce? Vincent Hennequin from ITX explores these questions in his Innovation Lab presentation.

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Innovation Lab: High-Tech/High-Touch; Blending Technology with High-Level Service
Presenter: Cara Lingle, VP of Account Management & Sales Operations, Bridgestreet Global Hospitality

How do you maintain the high touch experience that your customers are accustomed to while implementing the latest technology advances that clients have come to expect in their day to day lives as consumers? By experiencing the entire life cycle of an accommodation with BridgeStreet, you will gain a full understanding of how a configurable technology solution for accommodations can still hold “hospitality” with the highest regard.

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Innovation Lab: Simple Technology; Affordable Data – Reduce Costs; Save Time
Presenter: Sébastien Deschamps, CEO, Relo Talent

Built for your medium-sized mobility program! ReloTalent is an affordable, intuitive and comprehensive global mobility management software and data provider, with a next-generation team and solution. Manage the complete relocation lifecycle within the platform, from assignment and vendor management, to cost projections and compensation calculations and explore how global mobility teams around the world are using the platform to centralise their operations, structure their workflows, and leverage data. 

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Innovation Lab: Your Pet, Your Family The Only Solution! PETport Platinum
Moderator: Justine Murray, GM, PETPort Platinum

Tailored Pet Travel Solutions for any move. Our team of highly trained, experienced and expert staff are ready to tailor plan this very important relocation together.

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Innovation Lab: Money and Mobility – Simplifying International Payments
Presenter: Shamez Mangalji, Senior FX Dealer, AscendantFX Capital Inc.

Making payments on behalf of transferees is often complex, inefficient, and costly. When using banks, mobility companies and their clients are often gouged with fees and bad exchange rates, and still see frequent delays in payment delivery. Join payment expert Shamez Mangalji to find out how AscendantFX has used technology to ensure payment delivery using in-country accounts helping your transferees and vendors receive their payments on time and without added fees.

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 Innovation Lab: What's the Financial IQ of Your Technology?
Presenter: Sara Miller, Vice President, Client Success, Servicengine

Join Servicengine as they explore the intersection of fintech and mobility using intelligent automation. Discover Servicengine’s Financial Core and learn how a data-centric rules engine can drive productivity, from budgeting to billing. This session will feature a case study illustrating end-to-end automation of expense approval. Leave with a new appreciation for your data and how it can be leveraged to streamline decision-making.

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Innovation Lab: Elevating the Employee Mobility Experience Through the Right Balance of Self Service and Human Support
Presenter: Jeff Mills, Senior VP, Global Marketing, SIRVA Worldwide, Inc.

Your relocating employees want more self-service. You want to make sure they have a great relocation experience. The right approach for your mobility program should deliver intuitive technology when people want it and human support when they need it.

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Innovation Lab: Reimagined Destination Services for Modern Mobility
Presenter: Meredith Kennedy, CRP, GMS-T, VP Global Account Management, Dwellworks

Offer today, move tomorrow? That’s the pace of global workforce mobility. How to respond? Choices. Guidance. Content that Matters. Smart Solutions for Specific Needs. In a world where consumers rule, relocation has to move smart and fast.  Platforms make it possible…people make it personal.  In 30 engaging minutes, we’ll move through a demonstration of smart solutions, in place now, that will help your high value talent get organized, get help and get going. 

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Innovation Lab: Case Study – Implementing a Business Traveler Management Solution
Presenter: Liam Brennan, CEO, GT Global Tracker

At ERC®’s Americas Mobility Conference we talked to you about building a business case for business traveller management – now we take you through a live case study of a full-service implementation of our solution. Come along to understand how we worked with a global client to introduce Pre-Trip assessment, Budget Approval, Security Risk Management and live trip monitoring across their global network.

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Innovation Lab: Reimagining Corporate Housing for the Modern Workforce
Presenter: Kulveer Taggar, CEO and Co-Founder, Zeus Living

Workforce mobility is on the rise — however, existing corporate housing options are stale, expensive or inconsistent. Join CEO Kulveer Taggar as he explains the way Zeus Living is reimagining corporate housing for the modern workforce. This session will outline a new model of corporate housing emerging for business travelers and arm mobility managers with solutions to better manage housing costs, while still delivering a consistent, comfortable, and convenient experience that keeps employees satisfied and engaged — whether they’re relocating permanently or traveling for work.

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Innovation Lab: Innovating from within the Mobility Pipeline
Presenters: Tracy Brown, Director of Product, Design and Innovation, Fragomen and Mark Musgrave, Director of Client Engagement, Fragomen

Get a rare glimpse behind the curtain on how a large global immigration firm uses innovation to streamline their piece of the mobility pipeline.  Join Fragomen as we discuss reshaping the technology experience for our employees and our clients (at the same time)!  Using emerging technologies, we will share current and future products and set the stage for how we approach innovation with mobility in mind.

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Innovation Lab Presentation: mai-assignment: Different Global Mobility Technology
Presenter: Robby Wogan, CEO, MoveAssist

MoveAssist takes a different approach to global mobility technology, focusing on the user experience not just for employees but also for the mobility team and other stakeholders. Creative and innovative design of user interfaces and automation processes are used to develop an application that is rich in functionality, easy and fun to use whilst at the same time prioritizing data security. This presentation is a great opportunity to learn about mai-assignment - global mobility technology that is smart, simple and secure.

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 Innovation Lab: Global Mobility Digitalisation – Unlimited Applications?
Presenters: John Miller, Vice President, Business Development, Clearmove / James Speirs, Supply Chain Director, Clearmove / Haitham Al-Khatib, Managing Director, Clearmove

Clearmove explores the use of technology in today’s complex world of global mobility management and demonstrates its own uniquely innovative approach towards global assignment management, service partner solutions and assignee experience.

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Innovation Lab: Redefining the Global Mobility Experience in the Digital Era
Presenter: Emily Stirling, Senior Manager of Mobility Transformation, Deloitte and Cynthia Zhu, GMS, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

Imagine a world where mobility is simple, predictive, and personal. To achieve this vision, we put the mobility customers' experience in the center in order to find the right fit of technology and workforce solutions.

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Innovation Lab: Digital Destinations - A New Standard in Core Offerings
Presenter: Nitzan Yudan, CEO, Benivo

How can you use social decision-making support, personalisation, budget-neutral cash-flow solutions and moments of surprise and delight to improve employee experience NPS by over 50%? It's less costly, and less time intensive than you might think. Learn more about delivering an outstanding employee experience with your core support offering.

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Innovation Lab: Managing Mobility without Mobility Managers
Presenter: Oliver Trundley, VP of Product Marketing, Equus Software

Explore how you can use self-service and automation tools to reduce the workload of your mobility team. This demonstration showcases how you can empower your business users with initiation, policy, and package automation; as well as self-serve employee elections, automated service orders and exceptions – and more. Take your mobility program to the next level with self-service and automation tools that empower your business, while providing mobility teams real-time visibility and insights to more effectively and productively manage their program.

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