India Global Mobility Summit

Educational Roundtable Discussions

Changes on the Global Mobility Horizon

Sponsored by Formula Group India

Today’s global mobility world is on the verge of major changes due to evolving global mobility policies, changes in the market position and economic fluctuations. At this roundtable discussion, attendees will discuss the ways in which these changes will impact their segments of the relocation industry.

Moderator 1: Ms. Geetha Krishnan, Relocation Manager, Formula Group

Moderator 2: Nishat Inamdar, National Head – Mobility, Formula Group


Role of Technology in Enhancing Employee Experience and Increasing Global Mobility ROI

Sponsored by Cartus

We are living in disruptive times! Technology expectations, artificial intelligence, millennials, data analytics, program flexibility, are making our work more complex. But we can also use it to our advantage as we can use technology advancements to predict needs, costs and personalized employee experience. This session explores new technology and platforms available to future-proof our global mobility strategy.

Moderator: Ashutosh Arun, Manager – Client Services, Cartus


How are India’s Domestic Business and Market Trends Influencing Your Global Mobility Strategy?

Sponsored by Cartus

India is the world’s largest democracy and according to UN predictions, the country’s population is expected to overtake China’s in 2028 to become the world’s most populous nation. Even as it grows in importance in the region, it remains a challenging destination for international assignees. Join us to get insights and trends on overcoming some of these challenges from our experienced APAC Client Servicing Director, Priyanka Guha.

Moderator: Priyanka Guha, Client Services, APAC, Cartus


5 Things to Consider Before Booking Home-Sharing Accommodation in India

Sponsored by Oakwood

The sharing economy is an accepted part of our culture, touching everything from ride services to co-working spaces and travel accommodations. It’s a trend that satisfies the need for many consumers seeking ways to expand their options and save money. While staying in someone’s home may be fine for personal travel, is it the right fit for business travel? More business travelers are joining the movement – sometimes against their companies’ travel policies. A recent survey from the Global Business Travel Association showed that only 17 percent of corporate travel policies allow employees to stay at home-sharing properties. Join us for an in-depth discussion if you’re considering home-sharing in your policy.

Moderator: Michelle Low, Vice President, Sales & Revenue Management, Oakwood Worldwide (Asia) Pte. Ltd.


Global Mobility and India

Sponsored by Weichert Workforce Mobility

India continues to build momentum as a major Global Mobility hub. It also remains one of the most challenging and complex markets for mobility. In this session Weichert will offer up for facilitated discussion some of the key findings, trends and analysis from the major Weichert research study published earlier this year which looked at Global Mobility in all its forms in India: inbound, outbound as well as domestically within India.

Moderator 1: Helen Pereira, GMS, Client Service Director, Weichert Workforce Mobility

Moderator 2: Bonnie Tuen, Client Service Director, Weichert Workforce Mobility


Intra-India Moves; Best Practices

Sponsored by Graebel

Different countries and regions require different approaches to mobility. And India is no exception. Intra-India policies and practices present very specific challenges and opportunities for corporate mobility professionals. To ensure you get the best from talent relocations in India, it’s vital you understand what works well – and what doesn’t – in this unique mobility landscape.

This session explores best practice examples for intra-India moves, with a key focus on relocations from super urban metros to less advanced tier II and III cities. Discussions will centre on common support packages, policies and discretionary powers, giving participants the opportunity to share ideas and experiences.

Moderator: Nowzad Wadia, Manager, Account Management, Graebel


Using Analytics and Technology in Mobility

Sponsored by Graebel

For many of today’s mobility leaders, building their mobility programs and strategies are top-of-mind issues that never go away. As in many industries around the world, these leaders turn to leading-edge technologies that can enable better action and decision-making, driving interest in the use and value of data analytics.

We see it all the time. And as they begin to explore how data analytics technology can benefit their business, the following questions and concerns arise:

  • “Isn’t analytics just a buzzword?”
  • “I know I need analytics – especially predictive analytics – but I can’t really articulate why.”

If this sounds familiar, join this session to discuss and learn about the future of analytics in global mobility.

Moderator: George J. Bates GMS, Chief Revenue Officer, Graebel


Integrating Local, Global and Multi-Generational Talent in India

Sponsored by Crown

Most global companies in India look to balance international assignees with their local talent. Cultural differences combined with the complexity of any multi-generational workforce and digital transformation make this a dynamic moment for talent mobility and HR strategy. This roundtable discussion will cover a number of related themes including cultural challenges and success with a multi-generational workforce in India as well as young millennial and Gen Z’s emerging influence on mobility and the workplace.

Moderator 1: Patrick Groth, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Crown

Moderator 2: Gopal Moorthy, Vice President, South Asia, Crown


How Global Mobility in India is Changing and Evolving in the Age of Uncertainty?

Sponsored by Santa Fe Relocation

Better cost management (ROI), technological disruptions and millennial generation are all influencing the global mobility domain as the professionals are shifting from traditional arrangements to new ways of work.

Moderator: Vishal Agarwal, Managing Director, India, Santa Fe Relocation


Transformation of the Relocation Policies

Sponsored by Santa Fe Relocation

Challenges that most HR in India are facing

  • Relocations being controlled by the Host country over origin country
  • Tenure of Relocations – Tenure being shorter
  • Increase in the Female expat population – Diversity & Inclusive initiations
  • Outbound is the next expat way for India
  • Challenges expected to achieving Global Mobility Objectives – Immigration compliance, Employee reluctance due to Safety, Spousal career, Quality of life, Lack of Infrastructure, Cost of living, New Destinations

Moderator: Tushar Sawant, Sales Director, India, Santa Fe Relocation


The Self Relocation Model – The Future of Talent Mobility within India

Sponsored by IKAN Relocation Services India Pvt. Ltd.

The Indian HR continues to grapple with the choice of following a lumpsum model approach vs the supported model approach for their fast growing and a very mobile Indian work force. As hiring numbers increase, there is a need to look for the third alternate. A new Innovative way through integration of technology, ensuring cost saving and reliability. A method that may bridge the gap between the current practices.

We will discuss the feasibility, efficacy and the best methods of deployment of technology to provide the most cost-effective solution. 

Moderator: Pragathi Thimmaiya, Product Manager – VirtualRelo, IKAN Relocation Services India Pvt. Ltd.


GEMS – The Global Onboarding Paradigm for Indian Mobility Managers

Sponsored by IKAN Relocation Services Pvt. Ltd.

The Globally mobile Indian talent has won respect and acceptability in all Geographies through its hard work ethos, Knowledge and capability. Still the Indian passport lacks acceptance and faces various Immigration restrictions. The Indian mobility managers struggle with onboarding challenges across the globe and specially within new emerging markets. The need to onboard with speed, ensuring 100 % compliance in the new world and while facing budgetary restrictions are but a few challenges faced by every Indian mobility manager. This round table will discuss the various innovative techniques and strategies deployed by the Global Mobility managers to ensure a compliant workforce across the globe.

Moderator: Reynold Varghese, Product Manager – Global Employee Mobility Solutions, IKAN Relocation Services India Pvt. Ltd.


The Impact of Digitalization on Global Mobility

Sponsored by Aires

In the not-so-distant past, technology wasn’t even part of the decision-making process; now, it’s a necessity. For global mobility, it’s front and center, improving processes and enhancing the client/assignee experience.

Moderator: Fiona Williams, GMS, Director, Strategic Solutions, Aires


How App Technology Enabled Mobility to Match Compliance Needs

Sponsored by Aires

App technology has changed our lives. Long gone are the days for Excel sheets and paper receipts. Now, just take a photo and upload. Mobility apps have the ability to track assignee movements, send up-to-the-minute notifications, and so much more to match compliance needs.

Moderator:  Alice Oh, GMS – Senior Client Service Manager, Aires


Mobility Landscape for Inbound vs Outbound India Mobile Employees

Sponsored by SIRVA Worldwide, Inc.

The changing international laws and political landscape are challenging global and local multinational companies to be increasingly strategic in deploying a mobile workforce. It is extremely critical to understand the current landscape for both inbound and outbound India talent, understand what are the key challenges, measuring ROI and understanding areas that are pertinent to these mobile employees to ensure our business goals and mobility strategies are aligned.

Moderator: Victoria Parnell, Regional Sales Director, SIRVA


Recruiting and Retaining Talent in India: How Demographics and Opportunities Abroad Impact the Availability of Human Capital in India

Sponsored by SIRVA Worldwide, Inc.

India is likely to have the world’s largest workforce by 2027, currently two-thirds of the population are age less than 35. This younger workforce has expectations that are significantly different from that of their parents. How do organizations in India recruit and retain specialized roles?

Moderator: Roberto Vale, GMS, VP Global Account Management, SIRVA


Immigration Strategies and How Technology Can Be the Game Changer
Sponsored by Fragomen

Most corporates today face issues with deployment of resources to global destinations at the right time, causing a hassle for the business and the employees. This session on India Outbound travels, will focus on:

  • Recent trends with countries tightening borders and increased scrutiny at the consulates
  • How to develop a strategy to support your business teams to travel on time enabling them to honor commitments made to your clients & improve opportunities for extending your business footprint
  • Ways to capitalize technology for tracking their overseas travel, enhance compliance, avoid violations & penalties

Moderator 1: Dennis Joseph, Assistant Director – Strategic Initiatives, Fragomen

Moderator 2: Manjusha Ravindranath, Project Manager – India Outbound Consular, Fragomen


Preparing for Headwinds of Immigration into India

Sponsored by Fragomen

In this session, the speakers will focus on the recent Indian immigration changes and trends. How Organizations would need to keep themselves abreast of these changes, remain compliant and plan their deployments accordingly.  

Moderator 1: Sebin Jinny, Assistant Director - India Inbound Services, Fragomen

Moderator 2: Nomy Tom, Account Manager - Immigration Services, Fragomen