Shanghai MOBILITY Summit


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But, How Do We Get There?

Mobility professionals well understand the strategic talent importance of their work. Further, they understand that their contributions to talent strategy can be maximized when they have the “seat at the table.” So, how do we get there? No matter what position – from front line counselor to a technical data analyst; no matter what industry – from relocation service to corporate human resources, it is valuable to understand how others have progressed in their careers to represent the mobility function at their respective companies in a meaningful and strategic manner.


Kerwin Guillermo
Head of Global Mobility
Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Additional panelists to be announced!


The China Talent Landscape

Understand the talent landscape in China over the coming months: what professions and industry sectors will be the most sought after and whether China will be a net importer or exporter of talent. From this briefing and talent needs projection, we can draw informed conclusions about talent mobility across China's borders as well as domestically.


Elley Cao
Senior Principal, Head of Career Products, China


Economic Outlook

The economic picture is ever changing, with global markets and supply chains increasingly intertwined –and interdependent. Trade negotiations and disputes, global slowdowns, shifting consumer demands and policy decision-making around the globe have direct linkages to and impacts on the forecasts for Asia. Explore what economic uncertainty means to the talent landscape overall, and for China in particular.


Chinese Domestic Mobility Issues

We’ve learned about the talent landscape in China. Now, let us take a closer look at domestic China mobility, and discuss issues that are current and projected in the coming year, including geographic trends as well as policy and support provisions for transferee and family success.



Additional Summit Themes

Session and Presenter details to be announced soon!

Multi-Generation Workforce – Challenges and Opportunities

This session will be delivered in Mandarin, and will address such issues as:

  • The opportunities of age diversity
  • Integrating different age groups for effective work teams
  • Upskilling
  • Appropriate managing different generational groups for:
    • Performance
    • Mobility


Chinese MNC’s on the Global Front

This session will be delivered in Mandarin. Chinese MNC’s continue to emerge as some of the world’s most important organizations. Let us hear from some of these MNC’s from differing industry sectors that are internationally mobile, and understand how these companies compete in the global marketplace as well as their unique business and human resource needs.