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Opening Plenary Session
The Nexus: Organizational Governance, Human Resources and Mobility

09:15 – 10:00

Corporate governance is not just a musty concept of organizational rules. Today, when we see CEO’s asked to immediately leave their company for ethics violations, Mark Zuckerberg called to task by the U.S. Congress, and growing public scrutiny around employee activism, environmental stewardship and human rights, the corporation must integrate its values into all areas of decision-making as well as its human resources direction.

Dr. Santrupt Misra is both a CHRO (of Aditya Birla Group, a $48 Billion conglomerate with 120,000 employees around the globe), a CEO (of Birla Carbon, a world leader in the manufacturing and supply of carbon black additives) and a Director (of Aditya Birla Chemical Business, which includes chemicals, fertilizers and insulators). Further, as a past member of Worldwide ERC’s Board of Directors, Dr. Misra brings a unique perspective as a business and human resource leader and applies his experience and philosophy of corporate governance to workforce mobility.

Understand how past corporate governance practices have evolved into the key pillars of today’s robust organizational governance standards: transparency, diversity, the role of independent directors, stakeholder accountability, social and environmental responsibility, anti-corruption and regulatory compliance. Link all of this to today’s corporate mobility practices, including the effect on the supply chain. This is a must for starting our day!


Dr. Santrupt Misra
CHRO - Aditya Birla Group
CEO - Birla Carbon
Director - Aditya Birla Chemical Business


Tomorrow’s Marketplace

Today’s mobility landscape calls for supply-chain discipline in order to navigate the mobility services marketplace. Hear a supplier and two corporate mobility purchasers discuss such dynamics as:

  • Changes in global business
  • Changes in the mobility services industry and the impact of consolidation, resource re-alignment, outsourcing, technology and IQ Bots
  • How these changes can impact the way buyers assess mobility services


Kerwin Guillermo
Global Head of Mobility
Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Additional panelists to be announced!


Additional Summit Themes

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Duty of Care in Changing Environments

The obligation of a company to provide watchfulness, prudence and caution when the environment becomes difficult for employees to carry out their duties has never been more challenging. Hear a discussion of reasonable care which can include:

  • Maintaining safety of employees while protecting business strategies
  • Working with employment law for contingency planning (i.e., flexible work locations – sending employees away from their home office when necessary, at-home telecommuting)
  • Geographic “shift” of business strategies when necessary

 Understand how mobility can be affected by political and environmental difficulties, as well as how the mobility function can help with duty-of-care activities.


Economic Implications of Trade War

Tariffs are on the rise with little slow down in sight. Even countries which are not actively engaged in trade wars will feel the effect of these global economic conflicts. Let’s look at whether there are any winners (or only losers?) – either countries or industries – as these battles continue.