Educational Roundtable Discussions 

14:00 – 15:30


Problem of Foreigners Living in Japan and Its Solution

Sponsored by All Japan Relocation, Inc.

When a foreigner lives in Japan, there are various barriers to avoid under the present conditions, such as language barriers including communication in English, inconvenience of Japanese style housings, and difference of furniture sizes.

- Corporate housing lease agreement (Private/Corporate Contract, cosigner)

- Countermeasures at the time of disaster / in case of emergency

- Information about hospitals and schools

- Issue of everyday life (Lifestyle, food allergy, shopping, garbage separation, etc.)

Facilitated by Ms. Toshiko Fukihara, Public Relations Manager, ALL JAPAN RELOCATION, INC.


Sponsored by All Japan Relocation, Inc.







Mobility Challenges under the Trump Administration

Sponsored by Fragomen

It will provide the overview of the latest changes/initiatives of the Administration and their impact

Facilitated by Shintaro Araki, Partner


Sponsored by Fragomen


/荒木信太郎 パートナー

Liberalization or Bureaucratization? A Primer on Permanent Residency in Japan

Sponsored by Fragomen

An overview of the latest relaxation in Japan permanent residency requirements under the administration and discussion on its impact to foreign professionals working in Japan.

Facilitated by Alfred Chong, Manager, Fragomen


Sponsored by Fragomen

安倍政権下での外国人高度人材が永住権を取得するのに関する最新情報と、それらが与える影響を討論 します。

5 Things to Consider Before Booking Home Sharing Accommodation in Japan (Conducted in Japanese)

Sponsored by Oakwood Worldwide

The sharing economy is an accepted part of our culture, touching everything from ride services to co-working spaces and travel accommodations. It’s a trend that satisfies the need for many consumers seeking ways to expand their options and save money. While staying in someone’s home may be fine for personal travel, is it the right fit for business travel? More business travelers are joining the movement – sometimes against their companies’ travel policies. A recent survey from the Global Business Travel Association showed that only 17 percent of corporate travel policies allow employees to stay at home-sharing properties. Join us for an in-depth discussion if you’re considering home-sharing in your policy

Facilitated by Michelle Low, VP Sales & Revenue, Oakwood Worldwide


Sponsored by Oakwood Worldwide

最近ではシェアリングエコノミーは世界的に認められており、車配車サービスからコワーキングスペース、ホームシェアリングなど、多岐にわたり利用されています。選択肢を広げてお金を節約する方法を模索している多くの消費者のニーズを満たす傾向です。 その意味では個人旅行で民泊物件に滞在することは特に問題ないかもしれませんが、果たして企業の業務出張の場合、適正といえますでしょうか。多くのビジネス出張者が民泊の流れにのっているようです。ところが自分の会社のポリシーに反していることも多いようです。 Global Business Travel Associationによる最近の調査によると、従業員が民泊施設に滞在することを許可しているのは17%に過ぎません。次回のスタッフ出張の宿泊先を民泊施設利用にする前に、こちらのパネルディスカッションにご参加ください。


Globalization in Japan - Supporting a Growing Mobile Workforce

Sponsored by Santa Fe Relocation

We will discuss how HR professionals in Japan can carefully plant the seeds of globalization and foster growth.

Facilitated by Jeremy Laughlin, Business Development Manager, Santa Fe Relocation

日本のグローバル化 成長するモバイルワーカーへのサポート

Sponsored by Santa Fe Relocation


ロックリン ジェレミー

Mobility Outsourcing vs. Insourcing: Understanding the Benefits & Challenges Encountered by the Mobile Human Capital

Sponsored by SIRVA

The question of how to globalize talent is a crucial consideration for many Mobility and HR leaders in Japan. Explore how organizations can leverage in-house expertise and external partnerships to meet the evolving mobility needs.

Facilitated by Roberto Vale, GMS, VP, Account Management APAC and Middle East, SIRVA Worldwide


Sponsored by SIRVA


Integrating local, global and multi-generational talent in Japan

Sponsored by Crown World Mobility

Most global companies in Japan look to balance an influx of international assignees with their local talent. Cultural differences combined with the complexity of any multi-generational workforce and digital transformation make this a dynamic moment for talent mobility and HR strategy.

  • Cultural challenges and success with a multicultural workforce in Japan
  • Young millennial and Gen Z’s emerging influence on mobility and the workplace

Facilitated by Caitlin Pyett, Director of Account Management, Asia from Crown World Mobility



Sponsored by Crown World Mobility



  • 日本の多文化な職場での課題点と成功例
  • ミレニアル世代、Z世代が職場に与える影響

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