Worldwide ERC®’s Government Affairs Infrastructure 

The Government Affairs Committee is the primary governance body for Worldwide ERC® government affairs and is the liaison between the five forums that address each area of focus for the association: Global, Immigration, Real Estate & Mortgage, Regulatory & Compliance, and Tax. 

Government Affairs Committee Purpose/Responsibilities and Guiding Principles


  • Exchange of information and discussion provided by forums
  • Risk validation of all forum issues
  • Inform Worldwide ERC® Board of risk issues and propose action if necessary

Guiding Principles

  • Seated as follows: Forum Chairs (5)
  • Staff Liaisons (3)
  • Members at large (3) – with staggered launch selected by Worldwide ERC®; approved by Chair-Elect
  • Should not be from any of the forums
  • Should possess “high level business perspective” (e.g., C-suite level from respective membership organizations) OR be active working in regulatory environment
  • Chaired by Worldwide ERC® Chairman-Elect
  • Chair term limited to one year
  • Two meetings per year, minimum – at Worldwide ERC®-hosted conferences

The governance/communications process structure is as follows:

Urgent/Non-standard Issues

Forums raise issues to Government Affairs Committee

Government Affairs Committee vets issue (leveraging both political and business lens)

Government Affairs Committee updates Worldwide ERC® Board on issues

Government Affairs Committee makes recommendation to Worldwide ERC® Board if specific funding is requested outside of standard budget

Worldwide ERC® Board to vet request against other Worldwide ERC® initiatives

Non-urgent/Standard Issues

Forums share issues with Government Affairs Committee

Government Affairs Committee vets issue (leveraging both political and business lens)

Government Affairs Committee updates Worldwide ERC® Board on issues

Each forum has a Chair and Vice Chair, a cadre of subject matter experts from the Worldwide ERC® membership, and at least one Worldwide ERC® staff liaison. The five forums and areas of focus are as follows:



Focus on global immigration issues and opportunities to improve government policies and regulations to facilitate the worldwide relocation of corporate and government transfers.  


Focus on non-U.S. government-related issues which impact the transfer of employees between cross-country borders outside of the U.S.


Focus on the compliance with rules governing the transactions related to employee mobility while helping mobility professionals understand the specific (e.g., FCPA, Anti-bribery, etc.) regulatory process. 


Focus on the impact of U.S., federal, state and international tax laws on employee mobility.

Real Estate & Mortgage

Focus on the facilitation and closing of real estate transactions in the U.S. and Canada.


Government Affairs Forums Purpose/Responsibilities and Guiding Principles


  • Free exchange of current ideas
  • Risk identification of current issues
  • Responsible to update “issues” matrix
  • Provide quarterly updates to Worldwide ERC® for Mobility submission
  • Chair serves on panel at NRC/GWS for Government Affairs educational session

Guiding Principles

  • Six members, minimum
  • Chairs initially seated with task force members aligned to subject expertise area
  • Three-year chair term with staggered launch
  • After initial chair term, forums elect their own Chair
  • Can only serve as Chair of one forum
  • Vice-Chairs elected by forum members & serve co-terminus terms
  • Staff liaison assigned to each forum
  • Open format (e.g., anyone may participate in forum meetings)
  • Two meetings per year, minimum – at Worldwide ERC®-hosted conferences
  • Members may participate in multiple forums

Questions about the Government Affairs Committee and forums can be directed to