About Our Government Affairs Efforts 

Worldwide ERC®’s government affairs program addresses critical tax and legal issues that are relevant to workforce mobility, and represents the best interests of Worldwide ERC® members in legislative and regulatory arenas.

Issues and Activities

An essential overview of key topics can be found in the tax and/or legal indices found under the Tax & Legal MasterSource which also provides in-depth information and analysis of these topics to subscribers. You can also find news on global tax and immigration in the Global Tax and Legal Information area of this web site.

Government Affairs with an Impact

Worldwide ERC® has initiated various actions on our members’ behalf that have resulted in the development of resolutions and/or more favorable tax treatment. Visit our Government Affairs Impact page to read about our successes and solutions.

The Benefits

Members benefit from our government affairs program in a variety of ways as Worldwide ERC®:

  • Maintains a strong, positive reputation as the authority on workforce mobility in tax and legal communities, making it possible to effect change with a reasonable and persuasive approach
  • Provides monitoring and updates on state and federal legislative and regulatory activity in its Tax and Legal Updates and Government Affairs Alerts
  • Stays in contact with the IRS, General Services Administration (GSA), HUD and other Federal agencies to help us brief you on significant employee mobility industry interests.
  • Works with the National Association of Home Builders, the National Association of REALTORS®, Mortgage Bankers Association to provide government affairs perspectives on the housing industry.
  • Keeps members informed of key developments, changes, and/or actions to take to manage risks
  • Safeguards members' business models by representing their interests with lawmakers and regulators
  • Unites all stakeholders around issues and provides a neutral forum for the development of solutions to legislative and/or regulatory challenges
  • Continues to offer a free, swift and confidential online referral fee resolution option through The Interchange, which brings after-the-fact referral fee requests to the attention of the appropriate senior executive from employers, relocation service firms and affinity groups. 
  • Recommends best practices and guidelines for standardization.

Government Affairs Leadership

Leadership for Worldwide ERC®’s government affairs program is provided by its Government Affairs Committee.

Is there an issue you think the Government Affairs Committee should be aware of? 

We often receive valuable information from Worldwide ERC® members on the “front lines” that allows us to provide information and education before the actual introduction of legislation, laws and regulations. So if you are aware of any trends or legislative initiatives in your state or want to comment on other tax and legal events and issues, complete our Tax and Legal Issue Information Submission Form.