Government Affairs Overview 

About Worldwide ERC®’s Government Affairs Program
Learn more about why Worldwide ERC® is your source for all employee mobility-related tax and legal information and advocacy.


  • Tax Bill Signed into Law by President Trump
  • Moving Expense Economic Analysis: Worldwide ERC® and AMSA
  • United States Senate Committee on Finance Request for Comment: Tax Reform
  • EU Approves Privacy Data Agreement
  • Brexit Update for Workforce Mobility
  • UK Votes to Leave EU
  • Single vs. Dual Deed Information
  • Data Privacy and Security Summary of Resources- an extensive collection of important and useful links to sources of detailed information on data privacy and security.
  • Documents designed to help avoid the potential for preexisting agreements between transferees and brokers that complicate referral fees.  "Stop Documents."
  • Real Estate Referral Fee Information/Interchange
    Includes Worldwide ERC®’s Policy Statement on referral fees and The Interchange, a free tool for real estate professionals to bring the issue of an after-the-fact referral fee request to the attention of the appropriate senior executive from employers, relocation service firms and affinity groups.  

    Is there an issue you think the Government Affairs Committee should be aware of?
    We often receive valuable information from Worldwide ERC® members on the "front lines" that allows us to provide information and education before the actual introduction of legislation, laws and regulations. So if you are aware of any trends or legislative initiatives in your state or want to comment on other tax and legal events and issues, complete our Tax and Legal Issue Information Submission Form.