Testimonials From Designees 

“I knew that the GMS® would instantly add credibility to my international relocation experience. There is nothing better than this ‘stamp of approval’ when developing your knowledge and expertise in the global mobility arena.”

Marta Schilling-Gogain, GMS
Graebel Companies


“I gained confidence, marketability, respect from my peers and the assurance that I will keep my skills up to date through the GMS® recertification process.  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to stay on the cutting edge of the mobility industry.  Certification definitely makes a difference.”

Arnaud Benoit, GMS
Sterling Relocation




"The GMS® program provided me with a firm basis for understanding the complex world of global mobility. I left the program feeling more confident in my understanding of international relocation and the challenges my clients faced.”

Terri R. Shaffer, CRP, GMS
Mercury Associates, Inc.



“The knowledge I gained from these training and exam processes—as well as the ongoing continuing educational requirements— ensures that I remain fully up to date in this fast-paced, complex industry. The recertification process also affords me many opportunities to get out and meet new people and develop critical relationships. It’s important for corporations to know and understand how their policies compare to other industry leaders, so formal and informal training and benchmarking are key drivers for our programs. Being able to demonstrate that our mobility program is on a par with others is important and confirms that we are providing world-class support.”

Ginger Merrick, SCRP, SGMS
HR&Relo Advisors

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