We’re Changing the World in São Paulo



Global growth continues to emerge in Latin America! The Olympics showed us what Brazil wanted to demonstrate for the rest of its continent: a vibrant region with strong economic and professional aspirations. This regional excitement is why we chose São Paulo for our half-day November Summit, to help mobility professionals explore strategic workforce and talent management skills.

Come for the experience you’ll gain from experts in the mobility industry. Discover how to make yourself and your company more successful by learning different ways to think and work. Find out about what other mobility professionals are doing when they are challenged by complex issues. And most importantly, identify new ways to help mobile employees, families and business travelers!

Globalization is something that is changing our world for the better every day, and we are part of it. In fact, we are making it happen! Come learn with us in São Paulo. Let’s make globalization happen together.

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Summit Credits Available:

Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) - 3 international recertification credits

Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) -3 recertification credits


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