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We live, work, get our news – and buy – in an increasingly digital world. Online advertising not only allows you to zero in on your target customer, but also gives you extensive tools to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Your ad – with an active link – instantly takes decision makers to your website, so they can access current information about products and services they’re ready to buy.

Ad Size
Net Rate/Month
Top Banner - 970x90px, 728x90px*, 234x60px*
Lower Banner - 234x60px
  • Jpeg and gif files only.
  • All text max 15 characters including spaces.
  • File size max 30KB.
  • *Additional sizes needed for mobile responsiveness

Geo-Fencing: Advanced Targeted Marketing


Send Location-Based Alerts to Your Target Market with Geofencing!

Capture the attention of workforce mobility thought leaders at the Americas Mobility Conference and/or Global Workforce Symposium and reach this highly-targeted audience throughout the convention center, in hotels, and even back at their offices after the show as your message is pushed directly to their mobile devices during and after the show.

 Get the most out of your advertising with real-time analytics and select a placement that works best for your needs. Contact your account executive today to get started.

Banner Package

$18 CPM (unlimited)
Your banner ad is prominently displayed within a users app.
SPECS: jpg; 320x50, 480x75, 728x90


Video Package

$35 CPM (limit 1 advertiser)
Go interactive with a screen-sized video and be sure to capture the attention of every user.
SPECS: .mov; 15 sec pre-roll up to 1 GB; 720p minimum; aspect ratio 16:9