2018 Mobility Conference Inspires Bold Insights

Worldwide ERC®'s 2018 Americas Mobility Conference (AMC) took place in Dallas, Texas, on 16-18 May 2018. This annual conference brought together talent mobility leaders from corporate and service partner environments to connect on key governmental, legal, policy, and practice topics affecting the movement of talent within countries and across borders in the Americas.

This year’s conference focused on taking bold business steps through pivotal times that call for transformative action…and our key speakers inspired big thinking for business leaders attending the conference.

Peter Sheahan

Keynote and business strategist Peter Sheahan advised attendees to take small risks with an “outside in” perspective, focusing less on internal priorities and more on the customer. He cautioned businesses not to cling to old patterns and conditioning; calling instead for a focus on customer value and differentiation: “Do not complain about being commoditized if you intend to solve the same problems in the same ways as your competitors,” Sheahan stated.

Sheahan, who has been named one of the 25 Most Influential Speakers in the world, set a future-looking, inspiring tone for the conference.

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Diane Swonk

Worldwide ERC® President and CEO Peggy Smith took a new approach to featuring thought leader insight this year. Instead of convening a panel of industry experts, she opted for a one-on-one interview with Grant Thornton’s Chief Economist Diane Swonk in a “fireside chat” exchange to close the conference.

Swonk detailed the United States’ present economic state in the context of mobility and talent management, pointing out that for the second year running, global growth is moving in sync with the U.S. Though she said, “On paper the economy looks great,” she also pointed out that a closer look reveals “job growth dominated by low-wage jobs, middle-class jobs disappearing, female participation in the labor force declining, skills eroding, and wealth poorly distributed.”

She discussed the challenges that aging populations bring to the workforce, and the need to bring “lower-skilled” people back into the workforce. Said Swonk: “There is now a job opening for every person in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean there is a skills match.”

She also discussed an inevitable economic slowdown but expects the competition to attract and retain talent to remain the same or become more intense.

Smith noted that “Diane’s insight on today’s workforce gave us a peek into the future, and also confirmed and underscored many of the challenges we’re facing today that make talent management—and the ever-present need to bring mobility into the strategic discussion—such a specialized field of work.” 

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Cracking the Code on the Future

In addition to the foresight provided by our keynotes, another resource was introduced at the conference to help mobility professionals decipher the challenges of future mobility – and to understand the skills and knowledge they need to cultivate to be exceptional strategic partners to employers and mobile employees.

Our new complimentary report, “The Perfect Storm: Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future,” offers remarkable insight and real-world case studies on recruiting, retaining and managing the mobile workforce.  

The Americas Mobility Conference (AMC) remains the largest Americas-focused talent mobility industry conference held in the United States. Up next: the Worldwide ERC® Global Workforce Symposium, 17-19 October 2018 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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