3 Ted Talks About Leading Innovation

For business leaders, these three TED Talks will no doubt create discomfort.

They cut right to the chase and challenge us not just to inspire innovation but to cultivate it. Spoiler alert: The common theme among all three is collective intelligence. If you are looking to unleash innovation in your company, here are a few pointers from the experts:

  • Lead innovation by creating a space for it.
  • Understand that consumers are more powerful innovators than organizations.
  • Employee engagement and networks are required for businesses to innovate.

Through the collective intelligence of Linda Hill, Charles Leadbeater, and Charlene Li this selection of TED Talks will tug at your assumptions about leadership and expose what is truly required to lead innovation.

Linda Hill – How to manage for collective creativity

Researcher Linda Hill challenges us to unlearn our conventional notions of leadership and exposes insights into a new type of leadership required for innovation. It’s not about solo genius, it’s about collective genius, achieved through collaborative problem solving, discovery-driven learning and integrated decision-making. It’s about creating a space that allows talented people to play out their passions, and encourages innovation through diversity, inclusion and collaborative creativity.


Charles Leadbeater – The era of open innovation

Continuing the collective genius theme, Charles Leadbeater explores the notion that “you don’t need to be an organization to be organized,” that some of our most radical innovation explodes from collective consumer effort; ideas born from a need, combined with passion, and built collectively. Learn about how radical innovation — from mountain bikes to rap music — emerge from open innovation.


Charlene Li – Efficient leadership in the digital era

Researcher and author, Charlene Li, explains how engagement trumps efficiency in an innovative workplace. Relinquishing control, allowing ideas to emerge from the collective wisdom of employees, and leveraging internal collaboration tools and networks to create meaningful decisions are concepts that are redefining leadership in the digital age.


In summary, innovation is driven by collective creativity in the digital age. How will the collective wisdom of these TED speakers inspire you to drive a culture of innovation in your organization?

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