A New Era: Global Assignments, Global Leaders

What goes into the making of a global leader?

For years, companies have been using other-country experience to shape an individual’s career into one that’s leadership-pipeline-worthy.But while companies may be good at matching likely candidates with global opportunities, they often aren’t following through and assessing the success of a developmental assignment with measurable results.

Increased Global Assignments, Increased Skills

With the increasing global skill shortage, creating the demand for companies to continually and effectively upskill their employees via a more strategic and purposeful approach—with more oversight and planning—is needed in the future.

Global Talent Management Consulting Principal and Founder Mark Frederick, Ph.D. offers perspective and recommendations on leveraging global assignments in Worldwide ERC®’s newest report: The Perfect Storm:Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future. He sees the imperative to invest in building employee skills as an opportunity for greater cooperation between organizations’ mobility and learning and development (L&D) functions. (Like mobility, L&D is becoming more strategic to meet the changing talent needs.)

Frederick points out that adults learn best experientially, making a mobility experience an excellent learning and development opportunity. And in the current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environment, international experience is an especially valuable teacher. VUCA attributes are heightened when employees are working in another country and culture, he reasons, and a global mobility opportunity provides an excellent setting to develop leaders with the skills to cope in today’s rapidly shifting and intricate business place.

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Frederick notes that mobility experiences typically are evaluated for business results rather than skills development. The mobility plan rarely includes learning objectives for skills building, coaching throughout the assignment, or assessment of learning objectives’accomplishment. Savvy companies are recognizing that collaboration between L&D and talent mobility functions can improve business outcomes long-term, yielding a new wave of thoughtfully developed global leaders.

For more future-forward insights from thought leaders on the strategic role of mobility, read Worldwide ERC®’s latest report: The Perfect Storm:Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future and gather information to drive your organisation forward!

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