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Advocacy and Monitoring of Government Affairs Impacting Mobility in 2020

Global government activities can cause disruption and create new challenges for talent mobility. Worldwide ERC®’s government affairs program is protecting industry interests.

Actions taken by various governments around the world can be directly and indirectly disruptive to talent mobility. For this reason, Worldwide ERC® has gathered together a formidable group of professionals from all walks of the industry to identify such activities and, when necessary, advocate for beneficial outcomes.

Taking on this important responsibility – and deserving of appreciation – for 2020 are the nine members of the Government Affairs Committee , which reports to and advises the Worldwide ERC® board of directors on policy matters.  The Committee oversees the work of the five Worldwide ERC® Government Affairs forums whose leaders also volunteer their time to ensure Worldwide ERC® is on top of issues impacting our industry. Each of the forums have a different focus and meet at Worldwide ERC®’s U.S. meetings with the leaders convening for monthly conference calls.

Serving in this capacity for 2020 are:

Government Affairs Council

Kerwin Guillermo, Hewlett Packard Enterprises -- Worldwide ERC® Chair-Elect and Council Chairman:

Eric Arnold, SCRP, Old Republic Title -- At-Large Member

Rich Ballot, BGRS -- At-Large Member

Randy Wilson, CRP, NEI Relocation -- At-Large Member

Nino Nelissen, SGMS-T, Executive Mobility Group -- Global Forum Chair

Jurga McCluskey, Deloitte, LLP -- Immigration Forum Chair

Jay Hershman, SCRP, Baillie & Hershman, P.C. -- Real Estate and Mortgage Forum Chair

George Powdar, Altair Global –- Regulatory and Compliance Forum Chair

Hank Roth, Dwellworks, LLC -- Tax Forum Chair

Karen Cygal, Worldwide ERC® Senior VP

Global Forum

Nino Nelissen, SGMS-T, Executive Mobility Group -- Chair

Dale Collins, Graebel Companies, Inc. - Vice Chair

Immigration Forum

Jurga McCluskey, Deloitte, LLP -- Chair

Azmina Aboobaker, Facebook –- Vice Chair

Real Estate and Mortgage Forum

Jay Hershman, SCRP, Baillie & Hershman, P.C. -- Chair

Patrick McManamy, McManamy McLeod Heller -- Vice Chair

Regulatory and Compliance Forum

George Powdar, Altair Global -- Chair

Jeff Margolis, SIRVA Worldwide, Inc. -- Vice Chair

Tax Forum

Hank Roth, Dwellworks, LLC -- Chair

Craig Anderson, AECC Mobility -- Vice Chair

The Worldwide ERC® Government Affairs Committee and forums are supported by Worldwide ERC® Government Affairs Advisor Tristan North and Worldwide ERC® Tax Counsel, Pete Scott. Tristan and Pete track and report on legislation, regulations and policy developments which impact mobility and coordinate the positions of Worldwide ERC® has initiated through the forums and approved by the Government Affairs Committee and Board of Directors.

We strongly encourage all Worldwide ERC® members to engage in the forums to meet the Government Affairs Committee and forum leaders and to lend your voice and expertise to our efforts on issues impacting mobility.

For more information about what this hard-working group of professionals is doing, visit Note that the Forums are open to anyone who is interested. To join a forum, please complete our online form.

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