Worldwide ERC Continues to Advocate for Public Policies That Support Workforce Mobility

Lynn Shotwell, GMS - Feb 09 2023
Published in: Destinations
| Updated Apr 27 2023
Even as an increasingly mobile workforce faces old problems and confronts new challenges, Worldwide ERC continues to advocate for public policies under an anywhere, agile, and attentive framework

From renewed calls for bipartisan reforms in the U.S. immigration system to underscoring the importance of data privacy and the protection of personal information, President Joe Biden’s State of the Union earlier this week addressed several integral parts of Worldwide ERC®’s policy priorities in 2023. Representing over 4,000 certified relocation professionals around the world, we are committed to advocating for commonsense public policies that support workforce mobility specialists as they safely and efficiently relocate and support individuals in the workplace—including remote ones.

Even as an increasingly mobile workforce faces old problems and confronts new challenges, Worldwide ERC continues to advocate for public policies under an anywhere, agile, and attentive framework—fighting to ensure that workforce mobility professionals can deliver talent strategies that support where work is anywhere in the world, that the modern workplace has the flexibility to be agile amid ever-evolving conditions, and that policymakers are attentive to the developing needs of the workforce. You can learn more about our principles for public policy reform on our website.

These advocacy efforts would not be possible without the ongoing support of all those who engage and contribute as members of our Public Policy Forums (covering global immigration, North American real estate, global compliance, and global tax). Their input and the incredible expertise of our Government Affairs Committee and our tireless Board of Directors provide invaluable leadership as we work to secure policies that support workforce mobility.

Just prior to the president’s State of the Union, Worldwide ERC sent letters to congressional leaders outlining our policy priorities for the 118th Congress. The letters explain the vital role our organization and members play in the relocation of workers and our unique voice on mobility policy issues. The outreach drives home our initiatives to reinstate the moving tax deduction and reduction, reform aspects of the U.S. employment-based immigration system, protect the personal data of transferees, and facilitate the use of e-notarization in home sale transactions. Worldwide ERC will continue to address these and other pivotal mobility policies through our Public Policy Forums, and you can use our advocacy kit to raise your own voice.

Our advocacy of course extends to an international level—with our industry relying on public policies in a vast and often all-too-complicated network of connected and overlapping jurisdictions. That is why I was excited to sit down for a One Take conversation with Helen Frew and Françoise van Roosmalen of the Permits Foundation to discuss their global campaign to improve work permit regulations for international employees and their families. They highlighted several helpful resources for global mobility professionals and international employees, including an interactive world map that illustrates international differences in work authorization policies.

Whether it is responding to U.S. regulatory actions, pushing for legislative reform, or partnering with international organizations, Worldwide ERC remains steadfast in advancing a robust public policy agenda that supports global mobility professionals and employee relocation specialists around the world. If you are interested in more ways to get involved in our public policy efforts, please reach out to Worldwide ERC Government Affairs Advisor Tristan North at