Employee "Bleisure" Trend Persists

This article originally appeared in the May edition of Mobility Magazine.

Adding a bit of vacation time to business travel has probably been going on since Leif Erikson paused for a salmon dinner in Newfoundland. Now it has a name, and it’s trending. It’s called bleisure—that’s business plus leisure—and it’s today’s ticket to extracting more value, personal and professional, from business trips.

Bleisure belongs to the quest by millennials for work-life balance, and employers are responding. For businesses, policies blending vacation and business help cultivate loyalty among employees more eager for life experiences than paycheck boosts. For employees, bleisure eases the travel grind, fits workouts into the itinerary, and offers a big-picture outlook that strengthens business connections. 

Get the Most from Bleisure Travel

Want to experience bleisure for yourself? These travel tips will set you up for bleisure success – whether you’re travelling a few hours away or across the world.

  • Keep expenses separate. Submit only the hotel nights devoted to business. Calling the hotel directly might even get you the corporate rate for non-business nights.
  • Double-check. Travel in accordance with company policies, and make sure there are no gaps in the itinerary, especially regarding overnight stays.

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