Five Things to Know Before Worldwide ERC®’s Hill Day

Worldwide ERC® is excited to welcome members to Washington, D.C., this October to participate in our Inaugural Semi-Annual Hill Day. Hill Days give Worldwide ERC® members the chance to share their expertise with Members of Congress and their staffs to help inform future policy decisions on issues that impact the mobility industry.

Although meeting with Members of Congress and their staffs may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Here are five of the top things to know before attending Worldwide ERC®’s Hill Day:

  1. Staff Members Are Key Decision Influencers – A majority of the meetings during a Hill Day will not be with the Members of Congress themselves, but instead with their staffs. While this at first may be disappointing, it is important to realize that Congressional staffers play a crucial role in moving policy objectives forward and keeping their boss informed of constituent concerns. With so many legislative issues to deal with, Members of Congress lean heavily on their staffs to make key policy and vote recommendations. You will also notice that many Congressional staffers are very young, but this does not mean their influence should be underestimated!

  2. Be Flexible – Things on Capitol Hill can change in an instant, and it is important to be flexible. It is not uncommon for meetings to change times throughout the day or go from being with a Member of Congress to being with staff (see point #1). Many Congressional offices are quite small, so it is not unusual for meetings to be held in the hallway or while walking to a different location. Go with the flow and don’t let the chaos distract from your important message!

  3. Make it Personal – Issues that impact their state or district tend to be of top concern to Members of Congress. Before coming to D.C., it’s helpful to have a good sense of your organization’s footprint in a state or district (how many employees, number of moves annually, etc.) Tailoring your message to incorporate how an issue affects the Members’ constituents is a great way to make your message resonate. If you live in the state or district represented by the Member of Congress you are meeting with, let them know!

  4. Keep it Brief – Members of Congress and their staffs are tightly scheduled and hear about a lot of different issues every day. Staying on message and keeping meetings succinct are important to helping your message break through.

  5. Make an Ask – “How can I help?” is a question you will hear from many Congressional staffers throughout the day. It is important to have a clear ask for Members of Congress and their staffs, so they know how to help. One example: “Please co-sponsor this piece of legislation.” A clear ask(s) is important for helping important issues move forward.

For those of you joining us in D.C. for Hill Day, we will be having an in-person training session that morning to do a deeper dive into Worldwide ERC®’s policy objectives and our “asks” for the day. Remember that, as mobility industry experts, you can provide important insight on these issues to Members of Congress and their staff. The Worldwide ERC® team looks forward to seeing many of you in D.C. this October!

If you haven’t registered for WERC®’s inaugural Hill Day, don’t miss out and register now! (Space is limited.)

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