Growing as ONE Industry: Cutting-Edge Research to Inform Your Next Move

Industry verticals to discuss corporate benchmarks at GWS 202ONE

Our job at Worldwide ERC® is to support you and our industry in our shared goal of promoting talent mobility and relocation around the world. One of the ways we do that is by delivering the best industry benchmarking and research on the latest trends so that you have the data you need to make informed decisions. 

In our most recent research, we looked at the role of immigration in the pharmaceutical industry, which took on added importance in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine. No one has ever had to tell us that access to the right talent at the right time can make all the difference, and this report made that point clear in the context of the pandemic, something everyone can understand.

Earlier this year, we looked at how the rise of remote work in the post-pandemic world is impacting you and your organizations – and what you should expect as governments and industries adapt to the changed workplace.   

We will soon be taking a look at how the increased call for sustainable business practices to address climate change is being implemented in our industry, from vendor requirements to supply chain practices.

At Global Workforce Symposium (GWS) 202ONE, we will again conduct our corporate benchmarking session, and we will have roundtable discussions by industry verticals – all designed to give you the information you need to grow your business and for us to lead as ONE industry on the future of global mobility.

When we come together as ONE industry, we generate and power more growth for our organizations and for local economies around the globe. We enable that growth with our research – and we tell that story when we meet each year for GWS. Come be a part of this powerful event October 19 – 22 in Chicago this year.

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