Honor the Best of the Best

The Worldwide ERC® Foundation issues a call for 2020 nominations for its prestigious H. Cris Collie Leadership Award

Has someone made an impact on your career? Nominate them.

It’s been said that leadership is about empowering others to be their best self, to do their best work. For those fortunate to have worked with such a leader, the impact can be life-changing.

H. Cris Collie, Worldwide ERC® CEO from 1972 to 2008, was one of those leaders. To honor him – and others like him - the Worldwide ERC® Foundation for Workforce Mobility established the HCC Leadership Award, presented every four years. The Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2020 award

Recognizing Leadership Traits

The award recognizes members who embody the business attributes and values associated with Cris Collie. Among those traits are positive leadership, individuals with a generous spirit for mentoring and collaboration, and those who exhibit strength of character and steadfast integrity

A Unique Honor

I was incredibly touched when I got word that I had been selected for what I believe is Worldwide ERC®’s most prestigious honor, given its namesake.”
Pamela J. O’Connor, SCRP

“I was incredibly touched when I got word that I had been selected for what I believe is Worldwide ERC®’s most prestigious honor, given its namesake,” she said. “We all work to establish a positive profile in our various business organizations, but Worldwide ERC® has a special culture that goes beyond business. To me, this award meant that my peers and friends felt I’d made a difference in my career, both professionally and personally. At the end of the day, there’s nothing that feels better than that.

“At the time I received the award, unbeknownst to Worldwide ERC®, I was working on my company succession plan, which I would complete a few years later. In a way, this ‘pinnacle’ honor validated that the time was right to make room for the next generation of leaders in my organization,” she said.

Honoring Leadership in Challenging Times

While mentorship, positive leadership and a commitment to community are vital to successful organizations at all times, they are especially important during challenging ones. “During my time at Worldwide ERC®, we addressed challenging times such as the early 1980s when mortgage rates rose to 17 percent and beyond, by developing mortgage interest rate differential programs and other policy provisions to keep our talent mobile,” said Cris Collie. “During the SARS epidemic in the 1990s, when other organizations were retreating from becoming global communities, Worldwide ERC® used that time to prepare and expand our conference offerings to APAC and EMEA. And in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Worldwide ERC® Executive Committee decided to move forward with our scheduled October Global Workforce Symposium, knowing we would lose money but our community would gain at a time when we needed to come together - just like today when we are all yearning to get back together.”

Nominate a Colleague

There’s no better time to nominate a colleague than now – and the process is easy. Review the award criteria, list of previous winners, and online application form.

Then, suggests O’Connor, “Take the time to scan the list of eligible members to see if there is some special person who has been a role model for you, and if so, put those thoughts on paper in the form of a nomination. You will be making a difference for someone who has made a difference for you.”

The deadline to nominate an individual for the 2020 award is June 30.

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