Investing and Transforming: The Year in Review

As the calendar year winds down, it’s a perfect time to reflect on accomplishments achieved while focusing on future goals. In this 2019 year-end review, including highlights from our current Annual Report, take a look at how your investment in Worldwide ERC® positions the organization to continue transforming to meet your changing needs.

This year has been one of incredible transformation. No matter what business you’re in, geopolitical and economic developments, disruptive technologies and shifting global demographics are driving us to think differently, take more risks, bring innovative products and services to market faster and pivot to meet new challenges and demands. Companies need the right blend of technology and talent to strategically navigate these converging forces, creating extraordinary opportunities for the global mobility industry.

Traditional relocation and global assignment models are giving way to increasing numbers of cross-border commuters, extended business travelers, direct global hires, local transfers, contract- or project-based workers and remote solutions. The approaches we take for getting the right talent in the right places are changing, but the core knowledge and skill sets required to make it all happen remain the same. As an HR or talent mobility professional, you’re at the forefront of these creative solutions, and as the global workforce and your needs shift, Worldwide ERC® is right there with you.

We’re working to enhance your membership value with in-person and digital experiences that deliver the connections and content you need: how, where and when you need them. Our strong financial position has enabled us to invest directly back into the organization, seizing multiple opportunities to provide you with new ways to learn, cutting-edge research and greater access to a growing global community of your peers.

We constructed ambitious new programs, enhanced our events with new schedules, networking possibilities and education, and celebrated your unique skills, contributions and commitment to learning.

2019 Annual Report

You can read full details about how your investments in the final year of our three-year strategic plan paved the way for an ongoing journey of transformation in our FY19 Annual Report.  And to build on that, we’d like to share some highlights of what those investments continue to yield in the 2019 calendar year, and where we’re going next:


We gave you information on the role of talent mobility in a full employment U.S. economy and ran several hot-topic snapshot surveys on trends in cost-of-living allowances, repatriation, immigration and gross ups. The biggest news, however, was the launch of a game-changing Global Movement Study. With the first results coming soon, you’ll be able to benchmark across the full spectrum of your mobility programs and practices, comparing approaches filtered by multiple options to meet your needs. A policy creator tool is also under development, to reside within the same online, interactive benchmarking platform as the Global Movement Study results. Corporate and HR talent mobility professionals exploring peers’ and industry leaders’ programs can simultaneously build their own solutions, using pre-programmed policy definitions and language.


We infused our in-person events with new opportunities to connect and learn together. Tech kiosks, speed sessions and innovation labs put you at the center of new product and service demos. Live streaming of Global Workforce Symposium general sessions opened an opportunity to tune in and benefit from the learning remotely. And a digital event pass gives you continued access to videos of any sessions you may have missed or want to share.


To keep pace with changing skill requirements and demands, you need learning and development resources that grow and change with you throughout your career. With that in mind, we launched an online Learning Portal, offering an extensive catalogue of options to customize a program to your experience level, time availability and learning style. Take a look at the courses, microlearning, checklists, recorded webinars and conference sessions, as well as training programs from other members. With a premium subscription, you can access these and more than 13,000 LinkedIn Learning courses and videos to augment your mobility specific training program, too.

Topics for future courses include compensation considerations, localization and local-plus programs, the intersection between talent management and mobility, duty of care, selection and assessment, data analysis, and mobility’s role in achieving business growth to name a few.

You can gain recognition for your learning accomplishments in the professional marketplace and on social media by earning badges and sharing them through the Credly/Acclaim recognition portal.

What's next?

We’ll keep investing the trust, time and financial resources you put into your association right back into delivering content, learning and professional connection experiences that meet your changing needs. We’re engaged in ongoing enhancements to, tailored to your personal preferences and career paths. We’ll launch a new online Directory in 2020, connecting you to a robust network of professionals and services. And we’re reimagining our in-person events, to meet the needs of the changing marketplace and bring even more value to your time with us.

Now is a great time to be in the talent mobility industry. As we close out 2019, our future is bright, our position is strong, and we thank you for your partnership in making this a remarkably transformative year. We’re excited to continue the journey together.

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