Leading as ONE: Where Will We Take Our Industry?

Keynote Speaker Greg Lindsay to speak to a time of reinvention

I have many reasons to look forward to the Global Workforce Symposium (GWS) 202ONE in Chicago next month. One of them is the conversations we will have about reinvention. 

Our keynote speaker, the urbanist and futurist Greg Lindsay, is going to challenge us to think about how we can reshape ourselves, our profession and our industry to better serve where work is going. 

The changes sparked by the pandemic, the fight for justice and our changing climate present opportunities to reimagine our world and your place in it. How have you reinvented yourself as a global mobility professional? In what new directions will you continue to go? How can we come together as ONE industry to lead through all this change?

Greg is going to have that conversation with you at GWS 202ONE. Here’s a preview to give you an idea for what to expect. 

No matter where reinvention takes us, you can be sure Worldwide ERC® will be there to help you navigate it. Come learn more at GWS 202ONE in Chicago.

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