Looking Ahead with Public Policy, Compliance, DE&I, and More at the Virtual Spring Conference

From discussions on public policy, compliance, DE&I, and more, here is a look into what the second day of year’s virtual Spring Conference.

The world of work weathered its share of challenges and changes over the past year, from the unprecedented shift to remote work that launched remote work policies, to the accelerated importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in everyday business practices. But no matter what changes come our way, the workforce mobility industry has been there to support strategic initiatives, drive policy, and support employers and employees along the way.

To take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going, we’re holding a virtual Spring Conference, and we’re retaining all of the key elements of our in-person event: dynamic speakers, robust concurrent educational sessions, an extensive marketplace and exhibition hall, networking opportunities and events. This event will bring together relocation professionals including corporate relocation managers, real estate professionals and relocation service representatives.

Between 24-26 May, attendees have the opportunity to discuss current issues affecting the relocation industry, focusing on U.S. domestic issues including remote work, compliance, diversity and inclusion and much more. Keynote speaker Cheryl Cran will kick off our first day, and here’s what the second day of the virtual Spring Conference has in store on Tuesday, 25 May.

  • Host Country Nationals as Hosts: Empowering Female and Minority Expatriates - This interactive session will discuss the critical role of host country nationals (HCNs) in the success of female and minority expatriates.
  • National Real Estate Trends and Topics Spring 2021 - A look at how major relocation markets are performing across the nation in terms of the price range, inventory supply, consumer confidence, buyer and seller concerns, and the rental market.
  • Preparing for Where Public Policy is Going – This panel will discuss the effects of the pandemic on the shaping of public policies and the role of Congress in moving legislation to rebuild U.S. infrastructure, bridge partisan divides, and solve great challenges like immigration reform, and more. (This session is off the record, no media allowed).
  • Daring to Be Different - Global Mobility Reinvented – This session will impact the why, what, where, and how of global mobility as a tool in supporting talent acquisition and talent management.
  • Supplier Kumbaya Building Strong Relationships – To achieve a positive employee experience during relocation, mobility teams need innovative ways to ensure all their partners work well not just with them as the client and their transferring employees, but with their entire network of other partners, too. This session will explore ways to accomplish these goals, from GM practitioners with first-hand knowledge and success.
  • Leadership Blind spots – Learn Your Limitations: Consider the Impact & Gain Confidence - During this highly interactive presentation we will discuss how you can transform your conversations by elevating the way you connect with others – be it a colleague, boss, peer, team member, or client. Participants will gain a practical, cutting-edge tool to use immediately.
  • Corporate Housing- US Domestic and Global Industry Updates - Join this session for an updated review of the corporate housing industry with a U.S. Domestic and Global Focus, specifically looking at the year in review 2020/Covid; Results/Current State; Setting Expectations.
  • Panel on Labor Certification and Compliance - This presentation will zero in on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we “do PERM” within the confines of a regulatory process that did not contemplate the realities of the new work environment.

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After these educational and engaging sessions, we’ll come together with our networking reception followed by a scavenger hunt hosted by the Young Professionals (YP) group, where your global mobility and relocation expertise will be put to the test. But that’s just the second day – join us all three days of this exciting opportunity to connect, learn, and move the industry forward together at the virtual Spring Conference. Register now!

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