Meet 2020’s Recipient of Worldwide ERC® Foundation for Workforce Mobility’s H. Cris Collie Leadership Award

Worldwide ERC® Foundation for Workforce Mobility and its trustees met this year to choose the next recipient of the H. Cris Collie Leadership Award, Pandra Richie.

Worldwide ERC® Foundation for Workforce Mobility and its trustees met this year to choose the next recipient of the H. Cris Collie Leadership Award. Named after Worldwide ERC®’s former CEO H. Cris Collie, who served from 1972 to 2008, the award was established for members who embody specific qualities associated with Mr. Collie. Such traits include positive leadership, a spirit of collaboration and mentorship, as well as strength of character and steadfast integrity demonstrated through various areas of achievement. With recipients chosen just every 4 years and with a rigorous vetting process, this prestigious award goes to an individual deemed to possess the highest leadership qualities.

The Foundation is delighted to award Pandra Richie, SCRP, SGMS, with the 2020 H. Cris Collie Leadership Award! Owner of Windows of the World Travel LLC, Pandra is a long-time Worldwide ERC® member and passionate supporter of the Foundation. Throughout her years of experience planning and leading key strategic initiatives, she has served on the Board of Directors, Foundation Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors for the Relocation Directors Council. She was inducted into the Hall of Leaders in 2010 and has received 4 Distinguished Service Awards.

As a change agent, she was instrumental in creating the Gala to be what it is today. Spearheaded by Pandra and two other members, she has been involved since the Gala’s inception, facilitating the entire event each year. Alongside her contributions to the mobility industry, Pandra was chosen also for her passion for making a positive impact, her initiative and leadership style. Throughout her leadership, she has demonstrated immense selflessness, always willing to share her time and talent to the mobility industry. Even through challenging times, it is Pandra’s empowering leadership and strength of character that she receives this year’s Leadership Award.

Receiving this distinguished award is, without a doubt, the pinnacle of my career, says Richie. I have long admired Cris Collie and feel extremely honored to have been recognized as having the same values and attributes as Cris. I am so incredibly blessed to have been part of such a caring and worthwhile industry, and I’m especially proud of all the generosity of time, talent and resources others have given to support the work of both Worldwide ERC® and the Foundation for Workforce Mobility. It truly ‘takes a village’ to make something happen, and there is no finer example than what has been accomplished collectively in our industry.

Congratulations to Pandra Richie on this incredible achievement!

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