Mobility Leaders Discuss Trends at Americas Mobility Conference

Earlier this month, mobility leaders sat down with Worldwide ERC® president and CEO Peggy Smith to discuss where they see the industry going.

From CEOs to client relationship managers, experts shared their unique perspectives and experiences as part of the 2018 Americas Mobility Conference. These great Leadership Unplugged conversations produced a couple insights that mobility professionals should consider as they move into the future.

Identify Disruption, Separate Out Chaos

With the business world constantly evolving, how can the mobility industry keep pace? According to a few of our experts, prioritizing innovations is the best approach. This helps to purge the daily noise that can distract organizations from continual growth.

But that’s not enough – other interviewees cited that keeping business goals in mind is key to addressing—or even creating—disruption in the mobility industry. Sometimes, those “shiny things” that are trending elsewhere may not be right for your organization and should be avoided.

And that chaos? It will fall by the wayside if those priorities are adhered to. Daniela Alpert, GMS of Crater Group agreed:


How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

Another trend to watch that came out of the 2018 Americas Mobility Conference is the continued focus on the client and/or end customer.

Don’t all organizations do this? Not necessarily. Former chairwoman of Worldwide ERC®’s board of directors and current CEO of Plus Relocation Services, Susan Schneider, SCRP, GMS, noted that there may be a disconnect within the industry:

“…sometimes, we create solutions based on what we think our customers want and that most people do not know their customers well enough.”

Schneider continued:

“…in order to know your customers, you need to start with empathy. You need to truly understand them through qualitative design. Then, you can build a platform, program, or a solution – really solving the problem and not missing the mark.”

The fact is, customers’ needs are changing, and companies must adapt and be comfortable with that change.

Baird & Warner’s Sue Carey, SCRP, SGMS-T sees the industry connecting with the customer on an individual level to provide better, more customized service. Kathleen Baker, CRP, GMS-T of Cultural Awareness International, Inc. envisions a similar future, citing the rise of freelance workers and the gig economy.

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What’s Next for Mobility?

As Robert Horsley noted, the pace of business is “unprecedented.” Instead of playing catch-up, the mobility industry should look to embrace change, disruption, and new ways to conduct business to better serve the customer in a more personalized manner.

What to hear more from our Leadership Unplugged guests? Watch all of the videos here. Then, head over to the Community to discuss the insights and ideas they shared at the 2018 Americas Mobility Conference. Also, don't forget to download our new report, "The Perfect Storm: Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future," for more expert insights on the future of the mobility industry.

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