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4 tips to grow your company culture

Krystal Beers Miller - Sep 23 2019
Published in: Mobility

No matter your role, you have the power to define and shape the culture of your workplace. Here are four ways you can strengthen and maintain a strong culture in your company and office below.

Define the culture

Identify the core principles that your company lives by on a daily basis. Use them as a compass to guide you to success. Write them down and display them prominently – but they shouldn’t just stay on the wall. They should be displayed through your leaders’ actions.

These values make up your secret sauce – how and why you do business differently than your competitors. They often include engagement, empowerment and purpose. Keep in mind that these fundamentals should drive all decision-making, actions and behaviors.

Develop the people

Your team is the heart of your organization. When your team members are engaged and empowered, innovation and creativity thrive.

You can help encourage engagement and empowerment by:

  • Setting clear standards and expectations for each team member
  • Encouraging team members to take on new challenges to develop their skills and talents
  • Recognizing strengths and delivering timely and effective feedback

Communicate effectively

Communication is more than what you say – it’s how you say it. Good communicators recognize how their words, tone and behavior affect a conversation. More importantly, they listen to the challenges and solutions of others around them.

Paint a clear vision of what you need from your team members, why their roles are important and how they can best contribute. Also, make sure to keep cool and have an open mind under pressure.

Build trust

Trust is the foundation of any high-performing team. Without trust, things fall apart. Communication fails, misunderstandings proliferate and people become guarded. When this happens, innovation, creativity and performance diminish.

It takes time and effort to secure strong bonds and personal connections. Set your expectations by leading by example – demonstrate a high degree of integrity by honoring all your commitments, telling the truth and maintaining confidentiality.

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