Congratulations to 45 New Certified Relocation Professionals (CRP®)

John Lambo - Aug 24 2022
Published in: Mobility
The CRP program and designation provide far-reaching benefits to the designee and those served.

We are pleased to announce that, as of this year, 45 new Worldwide ERC® members have earned the right to use the coveted Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) designation. Over 3,000 individuals now hold the prestigious designation, which was created in 1990. You can view all new CRP recipients by last name and company name.

The CRP designation is a highly regarded, competency-based credential that demonstrates a broad understanding of the field of employee mobility within the United States. Candidates achieve the designation by studying a defined body of knowledge and passing a comprehensive examination that assesses their mastery of the skills required to be considered a Certified Relocation Professional.

“Mobility is a broad topic, and the study materials to earn the examination cover a wide spectrum of knowledge around the many services under the mobility umbrella,” says Steven John, president and CEO of HomeServices Relocation, a Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate. “Having the CRP designation helps the recipient demonstrate a solid grounding in the mobility industry and demonstrates the recipient’s commitment to the industry.”

That solid grounding is needed as the mobility industry continues to evolve. Assignment type and length versus a full relocation, tax ramifications of remote work, sustainability efforts, employee and family well-being, and duty of care are several recent issues that may need to be addressed during a relocation. The wide breadth of knowledge the CRP designation and continuing education provide allows CRP recipients to consider the interrelatedness of the many components involved in employee relocations.

“The knowledge gained from the designation and the continuing education requirements ensure that CRP recipients’ skills evolve and grow as the industry continues to change,” John says.

Nina Alekseenko, senior manager at Graebel, recently received the CRP designation and is proud to add those three letters after her name. “I view the CRP designation as an investment in my career,” she says. “The study materials provided a solid understanding of the mobility industry.”

Alekseenko says that she and her Graebel colleagues had study nights to prepare for the exam, which was challenging and comprehensive. However, she says, it was worth the effort.

“Earning the designation allows me to earn my clients’ trust more easily and be their first point of contact for advice and knowledge of the mobility industry,” Alekseenko says.

The Value of the CRP Certification Program

The CRP program and designation:

  • Establishes a standard and universal understanding of the field of employee relocation.
  • Recognizes individuals who master the skills needed to be a professional in U.S. employee relocation.
  • Raises the professionalism of those involved in relocation.
  • Encourages continuing education for professional development.
  • Encourages self-development by offering guidelines for achievement in the relocation profession.
  • Identifies and awards special recognition to people who have demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of relocation, related disciplines, and laws governing and affecting relocation.

Examination scope questions are designed to assess mastery of a number of tasks that have been organized into broad knowledge categories: Program & Policy, Real Estate, and Service Delivery.

The body of knowledge and the examination are updated annually by the Worldwide ERC Certification Review Board, which comprises recognized industry professionals with extensive expertise in human resources, corporate relocation policy, relocation appraising, residential real estate, and tax and legal issues.

Second 2022 CRP Exam Offered

To meet ongoing interest and demand, Worldwide ERC has opened a second 2022 CRP Exam window. Anyone interested in becoming certified can now take advantage of this second window, open from 14 November 2022 through 9 December 2022 (no testing available 24–25 November in observance of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday). The exam will be offered at hundreds of designated testing centers worldwide and via live, online proctoring from anywhere using your device.

You will choose your method of test taking (in-person or online), date, and time after registering for the exam.

Please visit for further information on the second 2022 CRP examination.