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GWS 2020 Preview: Exploring the End-to-End Employee Experience

Eric House - Oct 15 2020
Published in: Mobility
What has the workforce relocation industry learned this year about the employee experience, and what else is there to discover?

Those in the talent mobility and workforce relocation industry know that there’s a considerable amount of detail that goes into executing a seamless, cost-effective relocation experience. And in talent management, meeting the needs of the company while balancing recruitment and retention of critical talent is crucial. No matter how complicated these jobs can get, it’s always important to keep the employee experience top of mind.

This is especially true for the COVID-19 era, where companies have had to weigh the needs of employees like never before to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Much has been learned this year regarding what employees want, with research showing that COVID-19 worries among employees this year have exacerbated the potential for burnout, while employees adapting to the virtual working environment crave an improved company culture. These issues have raised the bar for companies to focus on the mental health and wellness needs of their employees as well as flexible work options. Employees also need to feel safe returning to work, with research on global workforce re-entry during COVID-19 revealing that as organizations adjust to working remotely, they’re able to take the time to slowly and carefully plan their safe return to work.

Mobility plays a key role here, as mobility professionals have had to tackle issues around tax and immigration laws around the world as they relate to COVID-19, such as duty of care approaches that may involve revisiting your crisis planning; housing, home purchase and sale industry compliance with country, state and local orders and guidelines; addressing hotel and corporate housing; and consultations with appraisers, real estate broker partners, and destination service providers. Additionally, the moving and transportation industry has had to comply with country, state and local COVID-19 guidelines, collaborate with relocation management companies and movers, assess if relocating workers are ensuring a safe move, and prepare for unexpected costs.

Throughout each and every factor in the relocation timeline, keeping the employee top of mind ensures that their experience is seamless, and that their needs are valued along the way. There’s still more to learn about what employees want, whether it’s the safe return to work, an increased focus on wellbeing, flexible working options, or additional considerations along the end-to-end transferee experience that only mobility is equipped to handle.

Want to Learn More?

This year, Worldwide ERC® is connecting the mobility industry virtually through our first-ever virtual, month-long Global Work Symposium. 2020 has been quite a year, and there’s much to learn about across all sectors of the industry. We’ve built out new content tracks that are directly relevant to all of these sectors, including the employee experience.

At the Global Workforce Symposium, we’ll discuss pressing employee experience topics, such as what employee sentiment analysis can reveal about an employee’s general outlook on moving, to circumstances influencing their timeline, and perhaps even underlying issues threatening the success of their move. There will also be a look into the end-to-end transferee experience in the virtual world to learn how industry sectors demonstrated great agility and technology integration in order to operate in this COVID-19 environment. We’ll also hear critical discussing from young professionals, as well as “humans of mobility” - provocative conversations with families and individuals of mobility – to learn more about the employee experience.

By retaining all the key elements of our in-person event, GWS will continue to foster connection and learning across the globe for all sectors of the industry. There’s something for everyone at mobility’s biggest annual gathering, and we encourage you to check out our schedule of events and speakers to get a glimpse of what this year’s GWS has to offer.

So if you haven’t already: register now! It’s not too late to sign up to experience this new format with all the elements you’ve come to expect from the Global Workforce Symposium. Join us at the first-ever virtual, month-long Global Workforce Symposium from 28 October to 20 November 2020.