GWS 2020 Preview: Personal and Professional Development in Uncertain Times

Much has been learned this year about personal development, from the need for stronger mental health support to skill building that keeps employees growing and developing even in uncertain times.

This past year, as an unprecedented pandemic upended the traditional ways of working and living, global business leaders and employees had to find creative ways to maintain connection and engagement. Much has been learned along the way about personal development, from the need for stronger mental health support to skill building that keeps employees growing and developing even in uncertain times.

Many employees began working remotely, perhaps for the first time ever, as businesses made the move to ensure safety as well as business continuity. During this time, it has been imperative to keep employees engaged as businesses moved from in-person operations to the virtual environment where face-to-face connection significantly decreased. Cultivating company culture through employee belonging, even while remote, has been key to keeping teams connected no matter where they are.

This year has also demonstrated the need for businesses to focus on mental health and wellness in their employees. Uncertainty, burnout, and even remote work fatigue have been top concerns as employers have evaluated their health benefits packages to ensure that employees have a robust and comprehensive support system. Designing a wellness program, even in the virtual environment, has allowed employees to tap into helpful resources that can go a long way in cultivating wellness.

Learning and development (L&D) has also been of utmost importance to employees seeking additional professional growth this year. Business leaders have even used L&D as a key strategy to engage and upskill their employees during uncertain times. COVID-19 has reshaped in-demand skills, but leaders can use technology to enhance L&D and strengthen both soft and hard skills. The enhanced focus on L&D and skill building remains crucial as it bridges the confidence gap between employers and employees as we look toward the future.

While we can’t predict the future, it is likely that global employers and employees, including those within mobility, will continue to focus on remote work, mental health, wellness, and skill development going forward. It’s all part of professional and personal development that has taken center stage and made us all more engaged, productive, and appreciated. If that’s what the future holds, we may never look back.

Want to Learn More?

This year, Worldwide ERC® is connecting the mobility industry virtually through our first-ever virtual, month-long Global Work Symposium. 2020 has been quite a year, and there’s much to learn about across all sectors of the industry. We’ve built out new content tracks that are directly relevant to all of these sectors, including personal development.

At the Global Workforce Symposium, we’ll discuss pressing personal development topics, such as the importance of emotional intelligence and social cues to create a context for hospitality in a virtual world, effective leadership in times of crisis, employee sentiment analysis, and more.

By retaining all the key elements of our in-person event, GWS will continue to foster connection and learning across the globe for all sectors of the industry. There’s something for everyone at mobility’s biggest annual gathering, and we encourage you to check out our schedule of events and speakers to get a glimpse of what this year’s GWS has to offer.

So if you haven’t already: register now! It’s not too late to sign up to experience this new format with all the elements you’ve come to expect from the Global Workforce Symposium. Join us at the first-ever virtual, month-long Global Workforce Symposium from 28 October to 20 November 2020.

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