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Relocation Appraising is a 'Skills Required' Endeavor

Worldwide ERC® - Jun 10 2019
Published in: Mobility

Appraising relocation properties using the Worldwide ERC® Summary Appraisal Report requires experience and skill. This appraisal methodology was developed to meet the unique needs of corporate home purchase programs. As a result, there are important differences between relocation appraisals and mortgage appraisals, which are discussed in the May issue of Mobility by Paul Lewis.

Worldwide ERC® and RAC have partnered to elevate awareness of this appraisal specialty and to recognize those appraisers who are particularly skilled. The annual Relocation Appraisal Report Writing contest is underway. Worldwide ERC® and RAC are offering up to 50 relocation appraisers the opportunity to demonstrate excellent report writing techniques by entering their best work in a contest.

The winner will be recognized at the RAC conference this September and announced to the Worldwide ERC® membership. Prizes include a $500 Amazon gift card and complimentary registrations for a RAC and Worldwide ERC® Conference.

All entrants will receive feedback on their report from a panel of professional appraisal reviewers (who will not know whose report they're reviewing). The reviewers are from various relocation management companies and are experienced in reviewing Worldwide ERC® Appraisals.

Learn more on the Worldwide ERC® website. The contest closes June 24th. Only the first 50 reports will be considered, so enter today!