Tapping into Tech for Good at Davos 2021

With tech innovation accelerating at a rapid pace, critical questions surround the imperative for tech to be harnessed for the greater good at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, or Davos.

This week continues our coverage of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, or Davos, where leaders from around the globe meet in person and virtually to discuss ways to improve business, society, and the world at large. On Monday, we introduced the week’s themes, which include such themes as Better Business and Society & the Future of Work, among others. We also discussed the critical diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) conversations occurring, as well as the crucial need for upskilling in the future of work.

Today, we’ll be previewing sessions occurring Friday, 29 January, that touch on the topic of Tech for Good. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly forced many companies into digital transformation whether they were ready or not. Shifting to an entirely remote work setting and quickly pivoting to understand the intricacies of IT management are some likely scenarios senior leaders have had to deal with.

In the session “Averting a Cyber Pandemic,” Davos will explore how COVID-19 has accelerated the dependency of economies and societies on digital technology, which has increased the vulnerability of individuals, businesses, and government to cyberattacks. Such vulnerabilities exacerbate the need for policies, practices, and partnerships to prevent a “global cyber pandemic.”

When it comes to digital transformation, mobility is at the forefront of solving complex business challenges. From analytics for retention to technology that simplifies the assignee experience, mobility leaders will be crucial in understanding digital systems that help companies better manage talent. In this month’s issue of Mobility magazine, we explored the strategic superpower of artificial intelligence (AI) in these initiatives.

“As technology forces disruptive change, artificial intelligence offers talent mobility professionals the opportunity to pivot their operations to strategic assets,” says Worldwide ERC®’s Senior Vice President of Product Development Karen Cygal. “It’s a revolution driven by the power of AI to create efficiencies, facilitate higher-order thinking, and enhance the employee experience. As the war for talent intensifies, mobility professionals can utilize AI to assess and leverage global labor trends in the never-ending search for cost savings and competitive edge.”

As the workforce becomes ever more digital, mobility professionals are key to getting an organization one step closer to cultivating the digital-ready mindset, values, and culture. Whether due to a pandemic or for meeting strategic needs, mobility will be there to help facilitate digital transformation and solve complex digital challenges. To read more about how mobility professionals can harness the strategic power of AI, check out the latest issue of Mobility magazine.

Tomorrow, exciting and insightful conversations will continue at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting around ways to solve the most pressing problems for businesses, governments, and the world. Join us as we tap into these discussions and their implications for the workforce mobility industry.

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