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WECAN Conference Kicks Off with Joint Declaration, C-Suite Conversations, and Mobility Discussions

Eric House - Apr 21 2021
Published in: Mobility
In case you missed it, the first day of the WECAN: Mobility Across the Pond conference kicked off with a joint declaration, c-suite conversations, and critical mobility discussions.

Wednesday, 21 April was the first day of the WECAN: Mobility Across the Pond conference, a virtual two-day summit hosted by leading mobility associations Worldwide ERC®, EuRA, and CERC as they focus on the importance of mobility within the North American-EU trading partnership.

Mobility has faced a host of challenges over the year, but employers across the Atlantic have stepped up to tackle these challenges head-on and demonstrate agility and leadership in where work is going. Crucial to this is the partnership between Canada, the United States, and Europe, where there are over $6.2 trillion in transatlantic commercial sales each year, contributing to 16 million jobs and the necessity to move people into them.

That’s why Worldwide ERC®, EuRA, and CERC came together – to solidify their partnership as the leading transatlantic associations supporting mobility professionals across these regions. Joined by CERC President and CEO Stephen Cryne, EuRA CEO Tad Zurlinden, and author and strategic communications consultant Frances Edmonds, Worldwide ERC® President and CEO Lynn Shotwell reiterated that despite current uncertainties, mobility is more important than ever:

“We live in uncertain times but we can be certain that the global competition for talent has not gone away – it’s just changed,” she said. “The recruitment and retention of top talent is a true competitive advantage for companies. Our goal is to ensure that talent can be deployed where and when needed to create economic growth for everyone.”

Fueling this imperative are the members of each organization who have made considerable strides in adapting to the evolving world of work. Shotwell continued, “It’s our responsibility as industry leaders to share our challenges and our solutions with the broader business community and policymakers so that we can get talent moving again.”

The WECAN Joint Declaration

The three associations announced their joint declaration as WECAN (Worldwide ERC®, EuRA, CERC Association Network), where these associations committed to collaborate in areas of research, education and advocacy in their respective countries and through participation in international bodies to make it easier and faster for employers to recruit and deploy international talent. With a mission focused on recovery, recruitment, and recognition, the joint declaration serves as a transatlantic commitment to partnership as mobility meets the needs of a post-COVID workforce.

Critical Discussions Among Mobility Leaders

The conference was full steam ahead with “A View from the Top,” a conversation with C-Suite leaders Frances Edmonds (Author and Strategic Communications Consultant) and Claude Guay (IBM Canada, President and General Manager). After a year of changes, questions remain: is global trade a thing of the past? How are businesses developing global supply chains in response to new realities? And how important is global mobility to business success in building international markets? This panel explored the answers to these pressing topics.

Following a live Q and A, the next panel built upon the discussion of evolving global supply chains and how to groom talent for the new world of work. Panelists Esther Benjamin (World Education Services, CEO & Executive Director), Professor Hans de Wit (Boston College, Professor and Director of the Center for International Higher Education, Lynch School of Education), Trevor Lovig (CHRO leader), and Binwa Sethi (Principal, Threefold Leadership) discussed trends in talent development, education, and skills development that are set to influence the future of global assignments.

A breakout session where attendees could meet and discuss these hot topics closed out the day, and set the stage for tomorrow, where even more mobility leaders will meet to talk about such topics as migration and mobility policy, and new frameworks as mobility builds the future. You won’t want to miss it – so register now and join us!