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Worldwide ERC®, EuRA, and CERC Join as WECAN to Elevate Mobility’s Role in Global Economic Recovery

Eric House - Apr 21 2021
Published in: Mobility
On 21 April, Worldwide ERC® joined forces with leading Canadian and European relocation and workforce mobility industry associations to release a joint declaration emphasizing the importance of talent mobility to economic recovery.

On 21 April, Worldwide ERC®, EuRA and CERC issued a joint declaration during the first day of WECAN: Mobility Across the Pond, a virtual conference bringing together these three major mobility associations as the Worldwide ERC®, EuRA, and Canadian Employee Relocation Council Association Network (WECAN).

As employers and employees respond to existing and new challenges and opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this declaration serves as a combined transatlantic commitment to elevate global mobility’s role in economic recovery and in shaping public and business policies for where work is going.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for mobility professionals to join forces to share best practices and jointly deliver solutions for modernizing relocation and mobility policies and practices that will meet the needs of the post-COVID workforce while driving economic recovery.

To that end, the WECAN mission is focused on:

  • Recovery, providing the experts, skills and resources to help our memberships and the networks they serve be part of the economic recovery solution.
  • Recruitment, delivering public policy solutions that ensure business can access and relocate the talent they need to rebuild their workforces, industries and economies around the world.
  • Recognition, advancing awareness for the value of the many professionals working in the field of employee relocation and the critical role of the global mobility industry in worldwide economic recovery and growth.

With this partnership and declaration, these associations commit to collaborate in areas of research, education and advocacy in their respective countries and through participation in international bodies to make it easier and faster for employers to recruit and deploy international talent.

Together, WECAN move global mobility and the world ahead.