Worldwide ERC® President and CEO Lynn Shotwell Kicks Off GWS 2020

In case you missed it, President and CEO of Worldwide ERC® Lynn Shotwell gave opening remarks reflecting on the past year while looking forward to where work is going, kicking off the first day of the first-ever virtual Global Workforce Symposium.

This year’s first-ever virtual Global Workforce Symposium kicked off on 28 October for a month of learning, networking and connection across the workforce mobility industry. In case you missed it, President and CEO of Worldwide ERC® Lynn Shotwell gave opening remarks reflecting on the past year while looking forward to where work is going. Amidst uncertainty and change that upended the way work is done across the globe, Shotwell exuded confidence that mobility and relocation professionals are where work is going. This past year, mobility has demonstrated its strategic importance with the unique skillset mobility professionals bring to the table to keep the workforce moving.

While the global workforce continues to adapt and grow, mobility will continue applying lessons learned and leading through innovation. “Nothing will ever fully replace the value of being there in person,” said Shotwell. “Rather we will inhabit a hybrid world with new employment relationships, enhanced duties of care, and new supply chain corridors. It will require us to rethink everything.” And through it all, Worldwide ERC® will continue to create the safe space where such professionals can gain critical industry insights and credentials; network with peers; and come together with one voice to solve the toughest challenges of our time.

With that, the Global Workforce Symposium kicked off with following remarks from Mark Vitner and Nick Bennenbroek, senior economists at Wells Fargo who gave an overview of the global economy so that we better understand the world we are living in today. Then Shotwell sat down with Roberto Suarez Santos, Director General of the International Organization of Employers, to discuss the state of the global labor market.

Following was a day of educational and engaging sessions from workforce mobility industry leaders, covering such topics as:

  • National Real Estate Trends and Topics
  • Achieving Business Growth
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Global Immigration Forecast
  • How to Deliver a Positive Mobility Experience while Controlling Costs

Finally, industry peers came together for a happy hour featuring trivia about Mobility Magazine, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

And that was just day one! From educational sessions and breakouts to networking and connection among peers, GWS will continue to foster connection and learning across the globe for all sectors of the industry. There’s something for everyone at mobility’s biggest annual gathering, and we encourage you to check out our schedule of events and speakers to get a glimpse of what this year’s GWS has to offer.

And if you haven’t already: register now! It’s not too late to sign up to experience this new format with all the elements you’ve come to expect from the Global Workforce Symposium. Join us at the first-ever virtual, month-long Global Workforce Symposium from now until 20 November 2020.

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