Navigate Mobility in a Protectionist World at the India Global Mobility Summit

India is home to some of the most innovative companies in the world, and a workforce rapidly embracing a global, mobile mindset. Perhaps nowhere in the country is that more evident than in Bengaluru.

In this bustling southern capital city known as the Silicon Valley of India, a population that exceeds 12 million—and growing—provides a multicultural workforce for its thriving IT hub of technology startups, major global software companies and burgeoning R&D environment. And Indian companies have long been bullish on global mobility, even establishing numerous global mobility shared services centers.

But uncertainty over work visa rules, growing protectionism worldwide and a slowdown in technology spending are causing Indian companies to reevaluate their talent and mobility strategies. Understanding the skills needed for future mobility teams, and positioning to ensure compliance and risk management are critical in navigating this “perfect storm”.

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2018 India Global Mobility Summit

Bengaluru marks the ideal site to equip HR and global mobility professionals to traverse the challenges and embrace the opportunities in India. At Worldwide ERC®’s India Global Mobility Summit, slated for 31 October, participants will hear from international HR leaders, global mobility directors and immigration experts at some of the world’s most successful businesses.

“We are thrilled to be bringing our Global Mobility Summit to India for the first time,” said Michael Johnson, VP, Commercial Development at Worldwide ERC®. “Indian companies are redefining their talent strategies to attract a mobile, agile, highly skilled workforce while adjusting to new norms in immigration policies. The Summit’s expert presenters will share best practices and valuable insights to help professionals confidently take on these challenges.”

Whether you work for a startup or a long-established firm, India Global Mobility Summit attendees will benefit from the dynamic exchanges, small-group interactions and unique learning opportunities. In addition, mobility professionals will have the chance to listen to influential speakers discuss key mobility trends which will drive the future of the industry and apply those lessons in their everyday tasks.

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